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I think the question should be – what ISN’T in my handbag – as it really is a world of chaos. Maybe my goal for next month should be to downsize and carry less?

Items I seem to be carrying today are:

– 2 x gold rings which I can’t wear at the moment thanks to bad eczema
– Rescue Remedy
– Migraine tablets
– ointment for my eczema
– PH Lavendar lip balm from Carterton
– iPhone
– Snapper Card
– Tiny pill container with my vitamins etc in
– 2 x Emery boards
– Pen
– Notebook
– Nivea Caregloss & Shine Lipgloss
– Wallet
– Digital camera
– Keys
– iPod
– Pedometer (not much use in the handbag!)
– Nike+ kit in small pouch
– Hairbrush
– Makeup bag
– Bills to be paid
– water bottle
– 3 bottles of Detox Kit liquid
– portable hard drive
– Sunglasses
– Entertainment book
– Anti-flamme
– 4 x LSNED prompts
– Lunch
– Laptop
– Mouse

I also carry my gym bag to and from work every day – no wonder I feel like a packhorse.

I think it’s time for a new handbag, and a re-think of the junk I carry! One like this perhaps…;)

Yellow food.

Mmmmm drooool mmmmm

I love it!

I love fries and wedges and cheese and crackers and burgers and nachos…I go nuts over the yellow stuff!

BUT I have learnt (or am on the way to learning) that it’s not really the best option for me. In fact – as part of the Shape up for Summer challenge, I have given up hot chips/fries/wedges for the next 10 weeks. It’s not that I eat them that often, but I sure do crave them a hell of a lot – and giving in to that craving isn’t going to help me achieve my goals.

So buh-bye to yellow foods – unless it’s a real special treat 😉

Day 20 asks who I see myself marrying or being with in the future. Jase’s response to that was “Oh geez, this 30 days thing is stupid! I think you better be safe and write about what qualities you want in that person”. Yeah – he’s not so good on the “marriage” front, it’s just not on his cards anytime soon and that’s ok with me – for now 😉 (meanwhile I still swoon over wedding magazines & go goo-goo over other peoples wedding pics).

So…qualities that are important to me are:

– Someone who is loving, caring & supportive of me
– Someone who spends time with me & accepts me for who I am
– Someone who can make me laugh
– Someone who loves travelling & exploring new places
– Someone who is motivated & is a hard worker
– Someone who is positive, friendly & can have a laugh with my friends & family
– Someone who seeks to be financially secure with me, and wants to have children (and a dog!)
– Oh, and tall, well built & blondish (that’s just my type – can’t get away from it!)

I am sure there are plenty more qualities that make up the person I want to be with in the future, but that’s a quick braindump.

In the meantime, Jase & I definitely have plans for our future together, so I guess the quick answer is this guy:

Nicknames. I am not a fan. Not necesarily other peoples nicknames…just don’t like having my own name turned into that word. You know the one. I mentioned it on day 1. I don’t know why people seem to feel the need to drop the last syllable in my name (the AH) part, and just call me lee, leigh, or lea. Jase does it quite often – when he is trying to annoy me.

Occassionally I let people get away with it. But only coz I REALLY like them.

When I was at primary school I got some hideous ones. Leotard. Leah-tard the retard? Leah Wee-ah (coz wee is funny at age 5). And the worst was that whenever we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I always had to be the blue one. Why? coz his name was Leonardo. Sigh. I always wanted to be Donatello (purple) or at least Raphael (red).

The one nickname that I do like, is one I have had since I was born – Lulu. My whole family calls me that – especially my dad, brother and uncle. At least it had two syllables 😉

So, not many nicknames really. Guess I am just a bit precious about my wee name 🙂

Who would I switch lives with for one day and why?

Hard one, but without going too D&M – I think If I could, it would be one of these two:

Jillian Michaels

Michelle Bridges

Why? Well, apart from how DAMN hot they are (especially Michelle, phwoar) – I would love to get inside their brain and work out how they made it click. You know, the whole exercise/food thing. Coz it seems like quite a few of us missed that brain cell – especially me.

I would learn what it is that gives them the drive to train so hard, and what it is that stops them eating junk. And if I could, I would bottle it & make millions from it…but seeing as that is highly unlikely, I would just like to take that scrap of knowledge & implant it into my brain so that I could look as hot as them.


Day 16 calls for a photo of myself – but I think I would rather share some photos of my wonderful other half and I together.

At Otaki Beach

The short story goes like this: We met in a bar in Auckland, became inseperable, and tried to ignore the fact that he was moving back to Wellington. He moved. It was supposed to be the end. It wasn’t. We did the part-time/ long distance thing. I moved to Wellington 6 months after we met. We had a year of “getting used to being full time bf/gf in the same city” and moved in together at the beginning of 2010. We are planning on travelling together next year. Awww ❤

And cue the slideshow of pics…

At a Halloween Party

You can't beat a trumpet

Dancing at a winery concert

On the back of Jase's dirtbike

Walking at Butterfly Creek

Enjoying a summer work bbq

At a friends wedding

First 10 songs that play on shuffle….and GO!

1. Never Going Back Again – Fleetwood Mac

2. Crazy – Alanis Morissette

3. Proud – Heather Small (ha! I listen to this almost every day!)

4. Better in Time – Leona Lewis

5. You Make It Real – James Morrison

6. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

7. Rehab – Glee Cast

8. Edge of Seventeen – Fleetwood Mac (told ya I loved em)

9. Who Do You Think You Are – Spice Girls

10.  I’m Not Calling You A Liar – Florence & The Machine

I love it when my iPod is on shuffle!

Today’s the day we get to write about our taste in music. Songs we listen to when we are happy, sad, bored, hyped, and mad. I generally just listen to music all the time, regardless of what mood I am in – but if I had to define some songs by emotion, these would be them:

Happy – Anything by Fleetwood Mac. My faves are The Chain, Edge of Seventeen and Tusk…I can never get sick of them. Seeing them live in New Plymouth last year was AMAZING!

Stevie Nicks at the Bowl of Brooklands

Sad – I wouldn’t say I listen to this music JUST when I am sad, but also stressed, feeling overwhelmed and need to centre myself. I have a playlist called “calm” and it is littered with Enya and Kenny G tracks. I also have Phil Coulter’s Sea of Tranquility for helping me sleep. Don’t mock it until you have tried it!

Bored – This is generally the “shuffle” function until I find what fits the mood. So if I do that right now…the first three I want to stop and listen to are: No Air – Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown; Blue Skies – The Feelers; Golden Love – Midnight Youth.

Hyped – I probably only get hyped when I am running, so a few highlights from my “Run” playlists include pretty much anything from Glee (especially Push It or Bust a Move); Shackles – Mary Mary; You’ve Got The Love – Florence & The Machine; Who do you think you are – Spice Girls (yeeeyah!)

Mad – I am not sure I often listen to music when I am mad as in angry, but I do listen to some crazy stuff and sing at the top of my lungs and Jase looks at me like I am barking mad…so…musical highlights from those moments are: Tiffany (can anyone say 80’s baby?), Man, I feel Like a Woman – Shania Twain; Good old Alanis Morrisette or Robbie Williams; and the ultimate – Tiny Dancer. And no, not the original Elton John version, but the Marco Demark remix…LOVE it.

What do you listen to? I’m interested to get some good recommendations to add to the playlists!

Day 9 of the 30 Days challenge calls for something we are proud of in the last few days.

I guess for me it’s every time I get off my butt and exercise. I don’t enjoy doing it (despite being a loyal Les Mills member for 3 years and generally averaging 2 to 3 visits a week) I never find it easy, fun, or really that great at the time.

But its after I have been that I get filled with that warm fuzzy proud feeling. And as I have mentioned before – my cool down song is even called Proud. Listen to it, it’s awesome. I always have it on my ipod walking back to the office, sometimes I lipsync the words in the elevator (so long as no one else is in there with me!). It’s like a little “GO ME”.

In the last week I have RPM’d it (thank you Les Mills Extreme for FINALLY getting new RPM bikes. The ones you had before were ass & it was the sole reason I sounded like a whiny JAFA when I said “I don’t want to be one of those people who compares everything to Auckland…but…Les Mills in Welli really needs to up their game!”). Anyway, new RPM bikes. Loving it.

I also frequent the step classes (Monday nights to kick start the week), a couple of lunch time pump classes (depending on who I can drag with me from the office), combat, and occasionally I will run on the treadmill. I am trying to get my running up to par, so doing a bit of that at the moment. I used to love Jam as well, but have kinda stopped going to that since I moved to Welli. What can I say, I save myself for Gandalf 😉

And on that note – here’s my stats from yesterday’s run. I stupidly decided to run in the rain along the Hutt river trail, ignoring the signs about maintenance/upgrade/work blah blah blah. I ended up ankle deep in mud, and thinking it would get better soon I kept going at a strange half run, half hurdling over puddles & mud pools pace…after about a K I realised I was covered in mud and the track wasn’t going to get any better, so I turned around and half ran, half hurdled my way back. Hence the slooooow KMs this time. Meh, I was still getting my puff on for 30 mins, so that’s all good – no matter what the speed 🙂

Yeah. Exercise = proud.

What about you guys?

Short term goals for September? Here we go…

1) Sit my APR exam (tomorrow!) and my Viva Voce (also tomorrow!) and feel good about them afterwards (I can’t say “and pass”, because I won’t know that untl 26 October)

2) Stick to the 30 Days of Me challenge and blog every day – even if I have to pre-write and schedule the posts (come on…it’s not cheating right?!)

3) Finish my Learn Something New book by mid-October. Pretty ambitious, but I have kept on top of it for 12 days so far, so fingers crossed!

4) Start my new herbal detox that my naturopath prescribed on Monday 20th and stick to it

5) Get back into my training – gym x 3 per week, running x 2 per week. BOOM. AND get my nutrition back on track – make a food plan for the week and stick to it (starting next week).

6) Save another $1000 from now (14 Sept) until 14 Oct

7) Convince my boss to send me to Portland and NYC early December for work (there is actually a real reason for me to be going, I am not just plucking a trip out of thin air!).

8 ) Start living my life to the full again now that the BIG EXAM is over! YAY!

And finally, always keep this in mind:

Thanks to Miss Nat for sharing this. Credit: Simple. Organised. Life

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