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It’s nearly Christmas – I fly to Auckland to be with my family tomorrow and I can’t wait! At the moment¬†Jase and I still do separate Christmasses, although the “year about” thing has definitely come up this year. Next year it will just be us on the other side of the world so we better make the most of our last family Christmas!

This is what I am looking forward to this year:

Decorating the tree - mum has saved it for me to do!

Seeing my doggie, Chloe

Waking up to this view

Setting the table fo Christmas lunch

Popping the champers for breakfast off the deck


and a day spent with Family ūüôā

I am also looking forward to Boxing day, because some of my awesome friends are coming up to the beach for a BBQ! Can’t wait to see them all, especially the two who are over from Brissie!

BBQ at the Beach (2009)

BBQ at the Beach (2009)


Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a great one, wherever in the world you may be. See you in 2011!


Congrats to @Janerobertson and @ScribblesNZ who won a Borne Naked liner!

Next year I plan to have some more wee giveaways – so stay tuned!


I have finally found the time to sit down and get to work on my Journal Your Christmas album – it’s been a long time coming! I am still about 10 days behind, but hey, part of starting this project was allowing myself to be happy with doing it at my own pace – and that means completing pages when I have the time, rather than feeling the pressure!

I have jumped around a bit with what order I am doing the pages in – but thought I would share those I have completed anyway.

Journalling reads: Winter Weather. Here in New York it’s a crisp clear beautiful day – but with a temperature of -3.3 degrees C! You definitely need to rug up – hats, scarves, gloves, leggings – pretty much every part is covered in layers to keep the biting Hudson wind chills away…

Journalling reads: I spotted the first christmas trees for sale on a street corner in Union Square and then realised these stalls are everywhere! Funny how in New Zealandwe use pine trees and everything smells so strong of pine needles – these trees didnt small at all and I wondered what types they were? Evergreens apparently. I love the bright red bows that adorn the wreaths too!

Journalling reads: A Perfect Christmas. Perfection is – the exquisite decorations on christmas trees on almost every corner; Perfection is the queues of children waiting to see santa, whether they have been naughty or nice; Perfection is carollers singing deck the halls, and jingle bells and other beautiful carols; Perfection is bright lights, the mistletoe, the holly, the magic and seasons greetings; Perfection is the crowds upon crowds out shopping for gifts and wrapped up presents; Perfection is the stockings hung in windows; Perfection is the smells of gingerbread, sugar plums, and baking cookies; Perfection is the strong traditions and the hope for a true white christmas; Perfection is the wish for peace and a day spent with family; Perfection is the festive, seasonal spirit that has brought Christmas to New York City.

Journalling reads: Twinkle. Festive Bright Lights. December 5th.

Journalling reads: Visiting the tree by day; Visiting the tree by night. Rockerfeller – Dec 8.

You might remember a while back I posted about my Borne Naked liner and how I thought it might just change my life. Well Рit really has!

The Borne Naked liners claim to be the solution to every handbag, and they actually are. I carried this beauty all around New York and discovered an added bonus. If everything is inside the liner, you can easily zip it up – and voila – instantly pick pocket proof! Not that I ever had any problems with pick pockets while I was there, but it pays to be careful. If anyone was to accidentally bump me (and slip their hand inside my bag) – they would end up with a whole lot of nothing. Awesome.

I also used it as my “clear bag” for carry on items on the long flight. While they are technically “not oficially approved” as clear bags, no one stopped me from simply whipping it out of my handbag and placing it through the scanning machine. Super handy.

I actually don’t know what I would do without mine…all my essentials are kept tidily and easily at reach within my handbag. But – the best news is yet to come!

The lovely people at Borne Naked have given me a couple more liners to gift away to those who are also in handbag need! EXCITING!

All you need to do to win* a Borne Naked Liner is leave a comment on this blog post telling me why your handbag/ gym bag/ baby bag is a complete nightmare by FRIDAY 17 December. I will randomly pick two winners and send them a Borne Naked Liner!

I hope you love the liners as much as I do! If you don’t win one, never fear – check out where you can buy them here.


*for postage reasons, entrants must be in New Zealand sorry!


Random fact #1 for the day: Bruce was the name of the shark on Finding Nemo

Random fact #2 for the day: Bruce was the name of the mechanical shark used in the film Jaws

Random fact #3 for the day: dressing up as a shark called Bruce totally works when your work Christmas party theme is The Love Boat. Evidence below! (and yes – these were HANDMADE! Go Team Bruce!)

Shark attack!

I just LOVED how Christmassy New York was – the holiday spirit was alive and well. While I was there I noticed that it was¬†“cool” to wear a sweater with a reindeer on it, or a scarf with a snowman – and you know what, I really liked it! Here in New Zealand we are just a bit blase about it all – a few decorations thrown at a tree and that’s us, done. But in the states EVERYTHING is Christmas themed. Every door has a wreath, every corner/ building/ doorway has a tree, every shop is blasting Chrissy music. I loved it all and just wanted to absorb as much as possible!

Trees for sale on every corner


Giant Christmas Lights


Roasted chestnuts smelt amazing on every corner


Giant Christmas baubles


At Rockerfeller Centre


Even Sushi can be Christmassy


Crazy Christmas Shopping Crowds on 5th Avenue


Mina & I with the Rockerfeller tree at night


Just a few shoppers at Macy's


Believe in the Christmas Spirit


Waiting to see the REAL Santa at Macy's


Marching Band


Marching Band


Marching Band


Hark the Herald Angels Sing


I Love New York!

(yes, I did actually say that – out loud – in the presence of males with dirty minds. Needless to say, I got my big finger!).

With my big finger at Madison Square Garden

I headed along to the New York Rangers vs Islanders (big rivals!) game at Madison Square Garden while I was in New York. I managed to grab a ticket off a scalper, and was seated up in the gods, while my colleagues were down in the $250 seats right near the ice. They ended up having a spare seat next to them, so I slipped past the security guards and enjoyed the game from rink-side!

Go Rangers!

Things were getting a bit blurry by the end!

Let’s Go RANGERS! Was stoked that they won, although a bit disappointed that there was only one decent punch up ūüėČ I love Ice Hockey & can’t wait to watch more games!

Thanks Kent, Nick, Rej & Danny¬†for taking me to my first big game….and giving me a big finger ūüėČ

Let's Go Rangers!

Look who happened to stop by the Icebreaker SoHo store on Tuesday?!

Jemaine Clement (Flight of the Conchords) and Taika Waititi (Boy)


With Team Icebreaker


Jemaine choosing some Business Socks

Ok, time to undo the jeans. Monday we dined like kings. Tuesday at lunch/dinner we dined like kings. Last night was another¬†king dinner. OH MY. Luckily the rest of the time I am not eating much, so I don’t feel too bad about it. And hey, I am here for such a short time – it would be a WASTE not to make every meal an amazing one.

A quick recap:

Monday night – we dined at a restaurant called Public on Elizabeth street, SoHo. These guys were catering for us at my event, and I was keen to try out their dishes.¬†A lot of the food and wine is “down under” inspired, with dishes including Tasmanian Sea Trout and Kangaroo.¬†The dish I selected was Confit belly and roasted tenderloin of Berkshire pork with salsify, apple puree, sage shortbread and watercress. It was absolutely DIVINE, along with a glass of New Zealand Pinot Noir.

To finish the night up, we saved ourselves for dessert and wandered down the road to a cutesy placed called Rice to Riches. All it served was flavoured rice puddings – kind of like an icecream bar! I chose Apple pie and Gingerbread flavoured rice pudding and topped it with brownie crumble, while my colleagues chose an assortment of Tiramisu, Pumpkin Pie and other wacky flavours. It was so yummy, but there was a distinct feeling that it was not the healthiest option (the sign on the door saying “Eat right, Exercise, Die Anyway” might have been an indicator). I barely managed to make a dent, but we had a lot of fun trying!

Tuesday my colleague took us to his favourite restaurant for lunch Рan Italian joint called Lupa (170 Thompson). We had a fantastic waiter who selected antipasto for us, including Beets with Pistachio, Brussels Sprouts with Local Apples, Prosciutto Di Parma, and Clams with Fregola & Basil. It was a taste sensation.

For my main, I ordered Ricotta Gnocchi with Sausage & Fennel which was supreme. We finished up the meal with an aperitif which was so good – and made the afternoon go so much faster!

Before I knew it, we were headed out to eat – AGAIN! Dinner was at Public’s sister restaurant – called Double Crown¬†(316 Bowery, at Bleeker). Possibly¬†a more asian inspired menu, with plenty of seafood to keep me happy. Again our table of 10 shared dishes of raw oysters, forever crisp chicken wings, salt & pepper squid, and prawn dumplings. For my main I couldn’t go past the seared scallops in a cashew chilli relish, with a side of chinese brocolli in ginger dressing. My mouth is watering again thinking about it!

Finally, last night after my big opening event we went to Salt (58 Macdougal).¬†There were¬†over¬†2o of us seated at two long tables, taking up most¬†of the restaurant. Unfortunately I can’t find their website to indulge you with what exact fantastic tastes I selected – but I will say this: Entree of chicken liver mousse, dates wrapped in bacon and tossed greens followed by¬†Salmon in a balsamic reduction on¬†brussel sprouts, and¬†braised mustard greens. ¬†

One thing I have noticed – Brussel Sprouts are really “in” here – they are on every menu, and you know what – they taste AWESOME. It’s obviously all in the way you cook em!

New York City Restaurants – you are truly amazing. xx

Sunrise over the city? Yes please…

Good Morning New York City!

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