Bronnie tagged me in the latest meme – one where I need to show you my handwriting. I have about 4 different style of handwriting, which all depends on how busy I am. I type more than I write these days, so my hand tends to start hurting after a small exercise like this! Must write more.

Anyway – here we go!

1. What is your name/blogger name? Leah Evans/ leahevansnz

2. What is the url of your blog?

3. Write “The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Brown Dog”. Also agree, only one “brown”. See the evidence here – the dog is yellow anyway 😉

4. Write your favourite quotation? “If it’s got tyres or testicles – it’s gonna give you problems”. No idea who said it, but it was on the wall of a restaurant I went to in 2007 called Elmo in Chelsea, NYC (and I have loved it ever since).

5. What is your favourite song? Golden Love, Midnight Youth

6. What music do you like right now? Fleetwood Mac, Glee, anything by kiwi artists.

7. Is there anything else you would like to add about your handwriting? It can change from this to this depending on how busy I am!

8. What three bloggers do you want to follow suit? Amanda! Jane! Nat!