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Now I don’t want you to think all we do is eat – but we do eat out a fair bit. And I like to snap our favourite places – the Chocolate Fish Cafe being one of them!

This cafe used to be located at┬áScorching Bay, but sadly closed in 2007 due to rising rent and compliance costs. Last year, the iconic cafe reopened – but in a new location – at the Submarine Mining Depot Barracks at the former Shelly Bay air force defence base. I love it because it gets the sun, you can look back towards the bays (hey, spot my house!) and the city, and in summer they have big beanbags that you can spread out on the lawn.

Due to the barracks having no kitchen, the Chocolate Fish guys had to improvise – and now everything is cooked on an outside BBQ. Everything they serve is BBQ’ed and served between two slices of bread. YUMMO. Also because they have no kitchen facilities – everything is served in recyclable packaging – paper plates and coffee cups. Sweet.

Definitely one of my fav’s!

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