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The 12wbt preseason task #3 is to set my goals. I know I am at the beginning of week 2, but things have been a bit chaotic in the past couple of weeks so I am working through the preseason tasks when I can grab a few minutes.

Back to goals! I have divided them up by 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months.

1 Month Goals (to 31 March)
Lose 4kg = be 70kgs
Run a 10km = Round the Vines in Martinborough (20 March)
Give 100% in all my dragon boating races (19 March)
Submit my UK Visa application by 15 March

How I will get there
Ensure all my meals are FRESH, and be strict on this eating programme
Continue to follow the 12wbt training programme
Run at least three times a week building up to the 10km
Focus on my body positioning and JFDI when in the boat on race day
Schedule in time to get visa application completed this week. Do online application Wed, do biometric testing Thurs. Send away on Friday.

3 Month Goals (to 31 May)
Lose 7kg = be at most 67kgs
Move to Vancouver with $20,000 in savings
Find a gym or event to train for in Vancouver

How I will get there
Stay strict on my eating, even while travelling
Keep up the training – utilise Mish’s outdoor workouts that I can do without a gym
Save as much as possible between now and 11 May when I fly by selling items on trademe, and selling my car
Research exercise options and local events in Vancouver

6 Month Goals (to 31 August)
Lose 10kgs = be at most 65kgs
Ensure my life is low stress, fun and I am making the most of my year away
Learn to snowboard

How I will get there
Do not over indulge in bad food while travelling/ living away. Ensure our meals are healthy and fresh
Run, gym or do some form of exercise three times a week – look into doing 12wbt round two? Possibly the advanced, fit and strong?
Take time to remember where I am, and what I am experiencing
Move to Whistler or a similar resort and take snowboarding lessons

12 Month Goals (to 28 Feb 2012)
Maintain weight at 65kgs (or lose a little more if I feel I need to)
Plan to move to the UK

How I will get there
Keep on top of my eating, exercising and maintaining my weight. Do 12wbt round 3 if I feel it is right for me
Pick events that I can do while overseas
Plan and save for our big shift to the UK


As I have mentioned before, I have been on a weight loss plateau for weeks. It was so hard not to be demotivated about it, to not think “it just isn’t working, I may as well give up”. But I forced myself to stick with it.

So I ate well, tracked my points, exercised like a fiend. I had a terrible WI in last week, and hit an all-time high of 76.2kgs. How? I honestly do not know.

This week, I took it slightly easier. I still tracked all my food, I still exercised when I could, I did my PT sessions…and finally the scales had mercy on me. This morning, I weighed in at 74.0kgs. That’s a MASSIVE loss of 2.2kgs since I stood on the scales at WW last week! Finally, after five long weeks of 200g down, 200 up nonsense, my body has responded with a big number.

Losing 2.2kgs is definitely not a reason to take the foot off the gas and relax –no way, I am using it as encouragement to kick it up even more!

In the last two weeks, I have worked out with Emma – my new personal trainer – four times.

I can’t begin to describe how great this has been, having someone who tells you to do something means you just do it – rather than talking myself out of it, or taking it easy, or half assing it! I have been working up some serious sweats, and it feels great!

Workout number one was:

3min warmup on treadmill at 8.5

2mins treadmill at 10.5
20 x fast squats with 10kg strength bag
20 x squat press with 5kg dumbells
8 x jacknife crunches/pressups with my legs on a swiss ball

repeat 3 times.

Workout number two was:

10min warmup on treadmill at 8.5

2mins treadmill at 8.5
2 mins treadmill at 10.0
2mins treadmill at 5.0 increasing to 8.5
2mins treadmill back up at 10.0

(repeat this x 5  – 2minute runs at 10.0, 2minute breaks in between)

20 x bar squats with increasing weights
8 x medicine ball press ups on each arm

repeat x 3

Box step ups & press with 3kg dumbells
10 x on each leg

repeat x 3

Workout number three was (and I even have pictures!):

10min warmup on the treadmill at 8.5

1 min fast run on the treadmill at 10.5

1 lunge with 10kg strength bag – left leg
1 lunge with 10kg strength bag – right leg

1 Squat/Press with 10kg strength bag

1 bent over row with 15kg strength bag

1 set of mountain climbers (bring your knee up to each armpit) while in a plank position on a Bosu

Increase sets to 200 metres running, 2 lunges, 2 squats etc; 300 metres running, 3 lunges, 3 squats etc; 40 seconds running, 4 lunges, 4 squats etc; 50 seconds…and so on and so on until you get to 10 (1min 40 seconds running, 10 lunges on each leg, 10 squats etc) and then work back down.

In my 45 minute workout, I managed to get right up to 10 sets, and did an extra set of 9 at the end. And I was stuffed!

Workout number four was:

10 minute warmup on treadmill at 8.5

1km on treadmill at 10.5, every 200m increase 0.1 up to 10.9
15 x kettlebell swings at 15kgs
10 x pull ups on a bar using my bodyweight
15 x swiss ball crunch

repeat x 2

1km back on the treadmill at 9.5.

repeat kettlebell, pull ups and crunches x 2

1km back on the treadmill at 9.0

Phew! I am exhausted just reading these workouts – but so so glad to be doing them. Emma is awesome and I am finally making some progress with the weight loss – more on that soon!

Last weekend, Jase and I went to a wedding where We Do Photography brought their freakin awesome photobooth along. Oh man, did we have some laughs. Some of the pics that came out of it were hilarious!

Here are just a few pearler’s that we took.

Great laughs, great times!

Jane and I got together today and completed the week 1 Fitness Test.

This required us to run a 1km route and time it, do a pushup test (how many you can complete in 1minute), an abdominal strength test (what level of sit ups we could get to), a wall sit, and a sit and reach flexibility test.

My results were:

1km Time Trial: completed in 5minutes 35seconds
Pushup Test: completed 44 full pushups on my toes
Abdominal Strength Test: reached stage 5
Wall Sit: completed 2minutes 05seconds
Flexibility Sit & Reach Test: +15cm beyond my toes

YAY! This puts me clearly in the advanced category (which I thought I would be anyway). For this 12wbt I will be following the Advanced Lean and Fit programme (with the hope to sign up for Round 2 and do the Advanced Lean & Strong programme).

Bring it on!

Getting back to my pre-season 12wbt tasks (the first one being “introduce yourself”- but you already know me) I thought I better crack the whip and get them done.

For task number two, Mish asks us to list our excuses. Most of my excuses are around food – mainly because 90% of the time I have no problem getting to the gym and working out. Although I do have to admit, that lack of motivation sometimes does hit me – and this is included in my list of excuses below.

These excuses are divided into Internal Excuses (the self talk), External Excuses that I can control (eg. weather, schedule) and External Excuses that I cannot control (eg. crisis at work).

Internal Excuses:

– I’m too tired to get to the gym today
– I don’t have the motivation. I need a friend to go with me
– I am too busy at work to do that lunchtime class after all
– There aren’t any classes on at the right times
– It’s too hard to find something healthy to eat while I am working/ takes too much time to prepare my meals
– I should be doing something else
– I have been trying so damn hard and not seeing any changes, I may as well give up
– This week is too busy with xx social functions on

Solutions to these Internal Excuses:
– Just get the damn shoes on the feet, get out the door and JFDI. Even if it’s just a walk, I know I will feel better having done SOMETHING
– No one can do the exercise for me. I can have support, which is great, but it is only me that can want this for myself. Hook up with gym buddies where I can, but do not let my schedule slip if I am feeling unmotivated. That will only make me feel worse about it.
– Get changed into my gym gear early for those lunch time classes, so I am already to go and have no excuses
– Find classes that fit within my schedule and do those. If none fit – then use the 12wbt gym machine programmes, or do a workout outside. Go for a run!
– Spend time on Sunday nights preparing my food plan for the week, doing the shopping and cooking and freezing meals so they are easy and quick to grab
– Ask Jason to do the washing/ cleaning so that I have time to focus on my food plans
– Don’t give up. Results will come when all the pieces of the weight loss puzzle combine. My body is different to everyone elses and I will see changes eventually
– Social functions – do I REALLY need to go? Will they miss me if I am not there? Or can I turn up late AFTER my workout? Make my workouts a priority
External Excuses – within my control
– It’s not my kitchen/ fridge (living with the in-laws) and there is no space for me to cook/ store my meals and food
– I’m too busy, there are a billion things on right now
– We get home so late (1 hour commute) so it’s too late to start cooking a meal
– It’s too hot/ It’s raining
– We eat out so much for work (lunch meetings, dinners etc) that how can I say no?
– Ask the M.I.L if I can store a few things in the fridge. Choose meals that are quick and easy to put together and require few ingredients. Plan ahead for the week and cook multiples and store in the fridge
– Schedule workouts in my diary at work, block out the time so that no one can request meetings then. Get changed into my gear early so that I can say “sorry, I am just off to the gym, can I catch up with you on that when I get back?”
– Create meals that I can just grab and go for the nights I am late home
– If it’s hot or raining – exercise in the air conditioned covered gym
– Look at menu’s before I go to restaurants and choose what I am going to order. Work out the calories prior. Or just say NO! I don’t need to be at every lunch/dinner!
External Excuses – Outside my control
– I am sick or hungover
– Don’t be hungover in the first place! Reduce alcohol, eat healthily when I am sick to help my body recover faster

So there you have it – those are my honest and truthful excuses, the things that are holding me back and dragging me down. I need to break through the self sabotage and just DO it because these excuses are roadblocks to what I want.

What kind of excuses do you have?

Round the Bays – Completed! BIG TICK!

I was pretty nervous in the leadup, but I kept telling myself – you can do this, just don’t stop running, JFDI!! (Just F*CKING Do It!). In my nervous state, I didn’t read the pre-race info properly, and got to the start line a whole hour early. But in a way, this helped the nerves – I watched the half marathoners take off, and pretty quickly the park filled with the 9,000+ other 7k runners and walkers.

The half marathoners taking off

I joined in with the Les Mills warmup, and before we knew it, Amanda and I were standing at the back of the running group. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1….and then nothing. It was such a large group of people that it took another two minutes to shuffle up to the start line, and then for the first Km it was a bit of a clusterf*ck for space on the road. There were prams and walkers and kids everywhere. I had a mini freak when I thought my ipod wasnt playing my RTB playlist (which I had spent hours crafting) – in actual fact it was, but it was shuffling that playlist. So I never quite got that #1 track boom that I had planned on, but that’s ok.

Jase was standing about 500m down the road from the start and caught me getting my stride on.

The course turned and went around the bays – I chose to head on up on the footpath under the shade of the trees because the heat was already making the sweat pour off me. Pretty soon it was back onto the (closed) road and before I knew it I was at the 3km mark just around the bend. At this point I was having an argument with my mind – it was saying “why dont you just stop for a 100m walk here, catch your breath, your lungs are screaming” but I knew deep down that I couldnt stop – because I wanted that satisfaction of being able to say “I RAN THE WHOLE WAY”.

I came up to the water stop and grabbed two paper cups – managed to get two sips down to quench the horrific dry throat I had, and then poured the rest over my head. The cool, wet water really gave me an extra burst and Push It by Glee came on my ipod, I was smiling away and enjoying that I was DOING IT! Running, I was actually bloody running!

There were people out on decks spraying their hoses down on us, such a welcome relief from the heat. The Les Mills guys had super soakers at Hataitai beach and I ran into their spray. Anything to try and cool down a bit!

I got to our old apartment and I knew I was nearly there. I had run this route, this bit should be easy. But this is also where my Nike+ let me down. I knew it might not be calibrated right, but when it started counting down the last 500m (and I was still over 1k away) I knew it’s distance monitor was completely out of whack. This induced another mini freak out – because that meant that all those times when I THOUGHT I had run 5km…well….I actually hadn’t. And I had convinced myself that I could run 7km because it “was only a little more than what I have already done”. SHIT.

While this was running through my head I noticed a girl just in front of me, wearing the same top. I worked out that it was actually a girl from my work – and so I paced myself just behind her. Watching her back and seeing her DO IT, made me think – F*CK YEAH*, let’s go Leah! If she can, you can!

I reached the corner and saw Kilbirnie Park in sight. I also saw Jason standing on a bench and gave him a whoop! He said afterwards that he couldn’t believe that I was still running, and SMILING when he caught sight of me.

I picked up the pace to get to the finish line, which seemed to be ‘just down there’ – but in actual fact, felt a lot further than I expected. I rounded the corner into the park, and thought I might give it a sprint – but instead of solid grass I hit SAND (next year, I would hope they would put matting down?!) – I nearly rolled an ankle right there. It was a soft semi-sprint to the finish line, which I crossed, absolutely gasping for air.

Finish line pain

I finished the 7km route in 41minutes and 17seconds. This placed me at #2002 out of 11,000+ runners & walkers.

Still smiling

Once the breathing was under control, I removed my transponder, grabbed my free Mizone and banana and headed off to find Jase and my friends. I met up with some fellow Shrinking Violets and we share our war stories of heat, exhaustion and blisters. But damn, it felt good too.

Jane, Amanda and I

I polished off an ice cold cider (my new drink of choice) and headed home feeling very proud of myself, and looking forward to the next challenge – Round the Vines!

My Nike+ said that I ran 8.1km (which is wrong) but did show that I was pretty consistent the whole way – which is a good thing I think!

*sorry mum, but I swear A LOT in my head when I am running.


The hoards of people that had flocked to Mission Estate in Napier to see Sting perform

A wander around Napier in the sun, we came across the beautiful Pania of the reef

Valentines Day surprise delivery ❤

Still loving the love. Can you blame me?

Only 12 more weeks of the 1 hour morning commute

One thing I have noticed since driving along Aotea Quay every morning – is just HOW MANY cruise ships come in to Wellington. I had no idea there were so many!

A beautiful day for a garden wedding. Congrats Mel & Matt!


Cider in the sun. Win.

In EXACTLY 12 weeks time, I will no longer be living in Wellington. I will no longer be living in New Zealand.

In 12 weeks time, I will be standing somewhere in Vancouver (yep, CANADA) and I will be weighing 65kgs. That’s right. SIXTY FIVE kilograms.

I had a terrible weigh-in today. I had gained 700g to be 76.2kg. When I signed up to Weight Watchers in November I was 75.9kgs. How the HELL did I end up 300g heavier than I was when I was at rock bottom? Since that date all I have put in is effort, effort and more effort!

I want to analyse that weight gain, I want to create reasons and excuses and say things like “it must be because I weighed in at lunchtime, normally I weigh in at 8am with nothing in my stomach” or “I had drunk a litre of water, thats a whole kilo right there” – but you know what? There are no excuses. I need to accept that horrible number and move on.

Coz from here on in, that number is only going down.

I have SO many tools to help me right now, that failure is not an option.

  • I track all my food online
  • I am seeing my new personal trainer once or twice a week
  • I made healthy and filling breakfast meals, lunches and dinners and froze them (think I will change it up for next week and add more fresh salads into the mix, while the quinoa is yummy as, I miss the variety)
  • I have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. This kicks off on Monday and is going to be guiding me through the next 12 weeks – to my goal of 65kgs

So dear blog readers, I hope you will follow me on my journey. This blog is about to get overtaken by my weight loss story and updates.

On Sunday – I am going to complete one of my goals.

I am going to RUN the entire Round the Bays.

Some people can get up and run 10k in the morning before they come to work and think nothing of it. I am not one of those people – running doesnt come naturally to me, and it has been a struggle to work my way up to this point. BUT, with the help of my Nike+, I am able to run (albiet rather slowly) an easy 5k without too much pain, huffing and puffing and huge embarrassment!

Sunday’s race is 7km – which will be the longest distance I have ever run – but I know I can do it. I feel good about it, I have practiced parts of the route at various times and all I expect of myself is to KEEP RUNNING the whole time.  I don’t care if it takes me a whole hour to get there, but I will do it.

Watch out for me – number 174!

Jase will be on hand to take photographic evidence – so stay tuned for that on Monday!

Next goal? Running the 10km Round the Vines in Martinborough on 20 March with 5 other Shrinking Violets!

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