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Last night I sat down and scrapped my final two pages to complete my 2010 Learn Something New Every Day album. I am so proud that I have been able to complete this project over such a busy month (study, housesitting, exams, work, exercising etc) – but in actual fact I didn’t find it the chore I thought I would.

I was disciplined about writing my notes about what I had learnt every day (getting a cool wee notebook to carry in my handbag helped this), and then I made sure I either chose pics that I had taken of current or past events, or quickly snapped things from every day life to fit with that lesson. I got them printed at a pharmacy that I pass on the way home – and sure, it wasn’t the cheapest at 89c a print – but it was easy, convenient, and I could do it a few at a time.

When I did sit down to scrap (usually one night in the weekend) I would do a bunch of pages together. By choosing a 6×6 album, and precutting the papers – all I needed to do was select a background paper, stick down the photo and add a few embellishments. Super easy. I could crank out a page in less than 20mins.

I have also enjoyed using tags and journalling more – something that the LSNED makes you do. I am not much of a journaller usually but this project has made me document my days – and I have really enjoyed putting the stories down on paper. Something I need to make a concious effort to do more of.

So – after all that explanation – here are the final two pages in my album:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much of a mess I really do make when on a scrapping frenzy. Stuff goes EVERYWHERE! Fun. 27th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that getting out and exploring is so much fun! Especially on sunny days. 30 Sept. Somes Island.

And here is the finished album!

Well, it’s been a week since I last updated with my latest Learn Something New layouts – I finally got to catch up last night!

Here are the ones from this week:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that despite all your good intentions…sometimes you just can’t fit it all in. Sometimes somethings gotta give…6/09/10

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a good result can give you much needed confidence. I recieved my 3rd APR assignment results back which immediately made me feel better. 7th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that new shoes will make me smile – no matter what kind of day I have had. I bought these gorgeous wedge heels off trademe today. Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile. 8 Sept.

Journalling reads: Early Mornings, Early Nights. Today I learnt that early mornings equal early nights. I have been in bed by 8.30 every night and falling into a deep sleep. Something to do with the 6am commute!

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a detox is just what the doctor ordered! I visited my naturopath who has prescribed a herbal detox after my exam. I am excited to get back into training, my nutrition and now a healthy detox! 10th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I just can’t go past seafood on the menu! We went to Silverspoon for dinner and I had scallops and salmon. Yum xxx. 11 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that this cat is only my friend when he wants to be fed! He may look cute, but he isn’t exactly the cuddliest of cats! ALBY, Sunday 12 Sept.

More to come soon – just super stoked to be staying on top of them EVEN when studying for my big exam! Yippee!


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