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First and foremost, I believe in each to their own. A person is beautiful no matter what they decide to adorn their body with – but I do have my own opinions.

Piercings are reversible. Mostly. I still have a lumpy horrible scar on the top of my ear from a piercing I got when I was 14 (and it was Oh So Cool)…little did I know that I am a keloid carrier and that wee scar will never leave me – unless I decide to pay $2,000 for plastic surgery and then have ongoing steriod shots into the scar to help it liquify and flatten out. I know. I went and saw a plastic surgeon about it. And instead, I changed the parting of my hair to the other side.

So I guess that is why I still have a stud in my belly button as well. When I was 14 (and Oh So Cool) I forged my mum’s signature and skipped on down to The Piercing Doctor (remember that guy? in the dodgy white truck at Vic Park Markets?) and shoved a titanium rod through my middle. I am too scared of what kind of lumpy horrible scar I might end up with should I take it out – and so it stays. A tiny gold bar with a tiny gold ball. The tiniest I can find so as not to draw attention to it. Mostly I just forget about it for months, until it gets caught on clothes and tugs and hurts a bit. Whatever – it’s just there.

Other than that – I have my ears pierced and that’s it. I like it that way.

My kind of tattoo

One of mum’s three rules when I was growing up was – “don’t come home with a tattoo” (along with “don’t come home pregnant”, and “don’t come home on the back of a motorbike”). Strangely enough, I stuck to those rules – and no ‘ink’ has come in contact with my skin. I’m not really a tattoo type of person – I admire some of the beautiful artwork that people do have on their bodies, but it just seems so permanent to me.

I’m not really attracted to guys that have tattoos either, although I know a lot of girls who dig it. Jase actually has a tattoo that goes right across his broad shoulders (and yes, I had to pre-warn my mother about that one – it is massive) – he got it when he was young. I don’t know whether he still loves it like he did then, I mean – it’s not like he see’s it every day. It does nothing for me – it doesn’t turn me off, but it certainly isn’t something that attracted me in the first place.

I still never say never though. Maybe one day I will want something that reminds me of something – permanently. I thought that when I lived in New York that I might have fancied getting a small apple somewhere – but now I am glad that I didn’t. If I did get something, it would be small and where I could easily hide it – for professional reasons, and so that I could say to mum “see mum, I stuck to your rules” 😉

Today I am wearing, surprise surprise…Icebreaker.

What might actually surprise you, is that I am wearing an Icebreaker DRESS. Yeah – we don’t just make wooly jumpers anymore, there is a bit of style going on! In fact, this season we have three new dress styles out, including a cute wrap dress and a beachy dress.

But this isn’t meant to be an ad for Icebreaker here!

So – I have this dress on:

I have teamed it with a gold, black and silver woven belt, a bright red long cardi from Max, some gold beads, and some super cute pale tan wedges (also from Max). Did you know that wearing light coloured shoes make you look taller? Yep…that’s why they are kicked off under the desk and I spend most of the day barefoot. #tryingtobetall #Fail.

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