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And here we are – the final pages that make up my complete Journal Your Christmas album. Hurrah!

…and here we go again! The next installment:

I managed a sneaky visit to Kate’s Paperie yesterday while working in SoHo; and LOVED some of the gorgeous wee things they had in there. With 30% off the whole store, I had to try and limit my spending – but I did allow myself a few purchases (some more stash for my Dec Daily/ JYC album – like I really NEED anymore!) and a couple of holiday/travel themed bits. Cute!

Anna Griffin goodies

Extra stash for JYC

So over at Shimelle, there is a summer online crop going on – full of hourly scrap and photo challenges. Because it’s winter and raining here, and I am having a girly weekend, I spread out my stash and got into it this morning. (Those guys in the Northern Hemi have been scrapping while I have been sleeping, so I am playing catch up!).

In this post I am going to add my layouts from the scrap challenges, and I will post another for the photo challenges.

This is what my lounge looked like when I started…you don’t even wanna know what kind of state it’s in now!

Challenge number one was to scrap a page using red, aqua and white. It was a bit hard to get into the creative swing of things, but once I got going, I was away. Here is the layout I created – “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day”:

The second challenge, which I found much harder, was to scrapbook using a sketch provided. I’m not much of a person for a sketch, I tend to freestyle it depending on what embellishments I want to include, or how I feel the photos work best. So even though I had the perfect picture to use – the simplicity of this sketch was tough! Here is my layout, it’s of a fluke photo we captured (yay autotimer) when we visited a remote beach village of Koitiata. I love how the sunset is bursting out of our clasped hands.

The third challenge involves printing out an alphabet – so will have to wait until I get access to a printer at work on Monday.

The fourth challenge was to scrap with circles. My first reaction was “oh guts, I don’t have anything with circles on it” – but then I started sorting through my stash of papers. Ha! Turns out I had more than 10 sheets with dots or circles on them! Amazing what you find. I decided to do a double page (I was really getting into it now, someone hold me back!) about a concert that Jase and I went to last summer. The best thing? Being able to FINALLY use these awesome Creative Imaginations Rock Star stickers – which Jase gave me for my birthday a whopping TWO years ago. Yay! Stash busting at its best.

Challenge number five was to scrapbook with a black and white photo. I didn’t want to leave the house to print off a new black & white shot, so I scrounged around and found this pic from our walk to Red Rocks. It’s black and white, but the rocks are red – it was the closest I had!

The final challenge for day one was to scrap a page with more than four patterned papers. Well – I felt like this challenge threw me into real chaos! However I think I finally managed to pop a variety of patterns together in a way that doesn’t clash…well, nottoo bad I hope?! The story behind ‘Breaking the Rules’ is my mum’s joke – she always told me that I was to “never come home with a tattoo, never come home pregnant, and to never come home on the back of a motorbike”. Strangely enough, I listened…until last June when I hopped on the back of Jase’s dirtbike and took a ride down Waitarere Beach! I think at this age mum might just let me off?!

Ok, that’s it for tonight. I have a mighty sore back from sitting on the floor all afternoon – and somehow its 11.25pm! Bed time, and more layouts to come tomorrow hopefully!


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