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One of the most fun concert’s I have ever been to was the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (WIUO) at the Martinborough town hall. So when I heard they were doing their “Tour of Wellington” I knew I had to get tickets!

Some people might think “Ukulele’s?!” – Jase certainly did when I handed him the tickets to the Martinborough concert (I arranged a whole surprise weekend around the concert as I knew he wouldn’t agree to go if I told him the REAL reason…). You should have seen his face when the curtains opened and 10 people were sitting on stage holding ukulele’s…but that’s another story.

Seriously, this band is awesome. They play classic kiwi and international hits (have you ever heard Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River on a ukulele?!) which you end up tapping your toes, clapping, and singing along to. They are true performers, engaging their audiences in witty banter and all sorts of stage antics throughout their shows!

I went to their show at Expressions in Upper Hutt on Friday and came out with a sore jaw – I had been smiling for the whole two hours. Check out their rendition of Train’s Soul Sister that I loaded on youtube. What else can you say? Amazing!


I couldn’t believe it when I got the email to say that the annual Learn Something New class was about to start! How has it been a whole year already?!

Learn Something New was my first online scrapbooking class that I signed up to. I had just heard about Shimelle’s website from my friend Natalie when I visited her in London last year, and thought I was up for it.

I managed to keep up for about 9 days, and then freaked out about having to scrap something every day. The weekends seemed to fill up and before I knew it – a folorn 6×6 album was cast aside.

This year, I am hoping, praying and wishing things to be different. I am taking a different approach, and not letting something that I enjoy so much become an extra stress.

This September – the 15th to be exact – I have a BIG exam. 3 hours of writing, and 1 hour of interviewing with a panel. It’s a PR qualification to become internationally accredited – so not something I want to stuff up. This exam means that there will be very little scrapbooking going on inbetween now – and when it is over! My focus has to be on the exam so…

…instead, I am going to focus on getting the “what I learnt today” journalling down into a notebook. Each day, I am going to make sure I record my thoughts (I am terrible at journalling!). That way, when I do have time – I can scrap away to my hearts content.

That’s the plan stan! In the meantime I can’t wait to see what my classmates are busy creating.


Just picked up these puppies to read this weekend. Bring. It. On. 🙂

Last week Jase & I got up and decided to take ourselves on a bit of a tour of Welli, checking out some of the cool things our awesome city has to offer.

1. First stop: The City Markets. This is an awesome boutique market held inside at Chaffers Dock on Sunday mornings. We wandered around tasting chutneys, buying more Shott syrups, and salivating over cheeses and chocolates.

How cute are those glass cannisters with boiled sweets in? Yum.

2. We took a walk through the Harbourside Market (how lucky are we with so many markets?!). Full of fresh fruit & veges – we are definitely heading back for a slice of pizza or burger one Sunday morning!

3. Wandered along the waterfront past all the bars and restaurants, before deciding to have a quick lunch at Wagamama’s. YUM. I had the Cha Han (with chicken and prawns) and Jase had Yaki Udon.

As you can see – I got to sit and observe the good view of the harbour behind Jase!

4. Continued through town to the Beehive, where we took a Parliament Tour. This was really interesting (I wasn’t allowed my camera though) and we both learnt heaps about the NZ government and the buildings. We figured that when we go overseas we will end up visiting plenty of other countries governmental buildings – so we may as well see our own first!

Tired bunnies, we headed home having enjoyed a great Wellington day out!

Now I don’t want you to think all we do is eat – but we do eat out a fair bit. And I like to snap our favourite places – the Chocolate Fish Cafe being one of them!

This cafe used to be located at Scorching Bay, but sadly closed in 2007 due to rising rent and compliance costs. Last year, the iconic cafe reopened – but in a new location – at the Submarine Mining Depot Barracks at the former Shelly Bay air force defence base. I love it because it gets the sun, you can look back towards the bays (hey, spot my house!) and the city, and in summer they have big beanbags that you can spread out on the lawn.

Due to the barracks having no kitchen, the Chocolate Fish guys had to improvise – and now everything is cooked on an outside BBQ. Everything they serve is BBQ’ed and served between two slices of bread. YUMMO. Also because they have no kitchen facilities – everything is served in recyclable packaging – paper plates and coffee cups. Sweet.

Definitely one of my fav’s!

When I was in Brisbane a few months back, my good friend Aleisha took me to Ikea so I could spend up large (so sad we don’t have it in NZ!).

One of the things I got was a piece of fabric, which I attached to a canvas and threw on the wall of our bedroom. Coupled with the Ikea bedspread that I also bought, I think it looks pretty swish. A nice calming grey blue & white, without being too feminine*.


* the pink glow of the photo is from my hot pink Ikea sheer curtains. A girls gotta have a little feminine touch somewhere right 😉

Stoked. Ran 5k on Sunday morning before breakfast. Check it out – I even have EVIDENCE (this is why I love Nike+. Jase was like “are you SURE you ran 5k?” – yeppers. Nike+ says so!).

(yeah ok, that dip in the middle was where I had to walk for a bit to get my breath back! I was DYING).

And what about the wind sculptures? I skipped this one totally:

And made it all the way to this one:

Hello 5k run, you snuck on up on me!

Yay! I was stoked to check the winners page of Shimelle’s blog this morning and to see I had won a prize!

I had such a fabulous weekend of scrapping (not to mention getting a whopping 10 LO’s done), I thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges which pushed me outside my comfort zone. The photo challenges were ‘a bit on the side’ for me – I simply carried my camera around all weekend and snapped a few pics. I felt like a winner for what I had achieved in itself from the weekend.

So I was over the moon to see that Shimelle had chosen my ‘I Saw The Sign’ photo entry as the winner. This wonderful Keep Calm print is winging its way to me and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.

Make sure you head over to Shimelle’s blog and check out the other winning LO’s and photos. There is some amazing talent and inspiration there.

Happy Friday!


A few weeks ago after reading Cathy Z’s inspirational blog, I was encouraged to purchase a Nike+ ipod kit to ramp up my attempts at running. I got one off trademe, and today I took it for a test run.

I don’t have the special Nike shoes, or even a pouch to pop the sensor in, so I shoved the sensor on top of my sock and laced up my shoes. You then plug a little receiver into your ipod, select your goal (I chose 20 minutes), pick some tunes, and away you go.

So the actual running part wasn’t amazing, I’m not gonna lie. I have always said I hate running and that my body isn’t made for it – but I am trying to get over that and just MOVE that same body more.

I picked up the book No Need For Speed yesterday (another Cathy Z recommendation) and a few chapters in I found myself giggling – apparently it is fine to start your running journey by “wogging” – a combination of waddling and jogging. Suits me to a tee!

Five minutes in to my “wogging” on the treadmill, a voice told me I was 5 minutes in. I was quite encouraged by this and thought – yeah, I can get to 10 minutes easy. And I did. And the voice told me “you are half way” – which was kinda cool. That meant I was on the downward slope. Then the exciting stuff happened. At 15 minutes the voice (female by the way 😉 ) told me I had 5 minutes to go, and then she chimed in at 4 minutes, and then 3 minutes, and then 2 minutes, and then GOAL COMPLETED. I walked for a minute to cool down and felt pretty proud of myself for sticking it out that long (normally on a treadmill I last about 10 minutes and that’s me done!).

My Nike+ told me how far I had run, how many calories I had burnt, how long I had been running. When I got back to my computer and plugged in my ipod the Nike+ generated this little graph.

I keep looking at it and feeling awesome. And it makes me want to do it all over again.

And THAT can only be a good thing.

Nike+ rocks my world 🙂

p.s. My powersong? Push It by Glee. Hehe!

Here are the pics that I entered into the Shimelle online crop photo challenges:

Get Close:


Through the Glass:

I saw the sign:

Night Light:

Up Above:


Below the Knee:


Study Session:

Zoom Out:

And I used one of my pics in the posts below as my Craft in Progress shot. I couldn’t bear to take a photo of the true mess I had made!

🙂 L

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