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And here we are – the final pages that make up my complete Journal Your Christmas album. Hurrah!


…and here we go again! The next installment:

After the success of my Learn Something New Every Day book, I have decided to take on Journal Your Christmas – another online class by Shimelle. A month or so back, I spotted Ali Edwards’s December Daily album – and I loved how she was setting it out. However, I knew I was going to need the daily prompts, which Shimelle is so good at, to keep me going throughout such a busy time of year.
I know that December is going to be manic for me. There is a fair bit of travelling going on for one thing (NYC to NZ, Wellington to Ohakune & back, Wellington to Auckland & back) as well as Christmas parties and housesitting and working and all of the daily craziness that Decmber seems to bring!
My solution? Use the December Daily page layout, create my album well prior to December hitting – and wait with my supplies at the ready for the JYC prompts to roll in. I got my album done in the weekend and here it is – all ready to go!

My front cover

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Back Cover

That’s just a sneak peek of the inside of the book – I will share the detail page by page as I create each daily entry!

Bring on December!

Surprise Surprise – I had barely finished (ok, truth – I hadn’t finished!) my LSNED album, before I was thinking about the next project! Natalie mentioned that Journal Your Christmas was a great class to take and so I was all sorted to sign up for that in November.

But then I saw Ali Edwards’ December Daily album and I fell in love. I decided to purchase her page overlays and get started. I spent Thursday night printing the overlays on white linen paper and cutting them down to size.

I have since decided to combine the two – based on a forum I read over on two peas. I love Shimelle’s prompts and really want to look at the christmas season with new eyes; however as I will be travelling for the first two weeks (New York, YUSS) I needed something like the Dec Daily layouts to keep it simple.

And yes, I do know it is only October – but with moving house, work being insanely busy & travelling – I figured getting started now wouldn’t hurt! Here are the thickers, letters, embellishments and papers I plan on using.

Today I went through my whole stash and pulled out any christmas themed embellishments and papers – turns out I had a LOT more than I thought I did*. Fingers crossed this is going to be another stash busting project (I gotta stop buying, gotta start using it all coz I won’t be taking it with me when we go overseas!).

I am also about to sign up for the True Stories class – to continue developing my journalling skills. Woah – scrapbooking hardout much?!

*I may or may not have accidentally visited a couple of scrapbooking stores in order to ensure I had enough Christmas themed stash…

Last night I sat down and scrapped my final two pages to complete my 2010 Learn Something New Every Day album. I am so proud that I have been able to complete this project over such a busy month (study, housesitting, exams, work, exercising etc) – but in actual fact I didn’t find it the chore I thought I would.

I was disciplined about writing my notes about what I had learnt every day (getting a cool wee notebook to carry in my handbag helped this), and then I made sure I either chose pics that I had taken of current or past events, or quickly snapped things from every day life to fit with that lesson. I got them printed at a pharmacy that I pass on the way home – and sure, it wasn’t the cheapest at 89c a print – but it was easy, convenient, and I could do it a few at a time.

When I did sit down to scrap (usually one night in the weekend) I would do a bunch of pages together. By choosing a 6×6 album, and precutting the papers – all I needed to do was select a background paper, stick down the photo and add a few embellishments. Super easy. I could crank out a page in less than 20mins.

I have also enjoyed using tags and journalling more – something that the LSNED makes you do. I am not much of a journaller usually but this project has made me document my days – and I have really enjoyed putting the stories down on paper. Something I need to make a concious effort to do more of.

So – after all that explanation – here are the final two pages in my album:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much of a mess I really do make when on a scrapping frenzy. Stuff goes EVERYWHERE! Fun. 27th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that getting out and exploring is so much fun! Especially on sunny days. 30 Sept. Somes Island.

And here is the finished album!

Ok, so even though I said I needed to focus on my exam – and therefore couldn’t start on Learn Something New until mid-month…I did still manage to convince myself that I could buy some new additions to my stash to use for this project. Can anyone say addict?

This is the new 8×8″ album that I found while out on my coffee break this morning…so cute I couldn’t resist.

The cute kit from Rasberry came with these papers, stickers and brads.

The colours in this kit really appealed to me – I am normally such a brights person, that to use some different tones will be a bit of a challenge. Also, I am sure I have plenty in my stash that will compliment this kit and could be a great stash buster for me! I couldn’t resist grabbing a cute notepad (with purple lines) to keep in my handbag for making my notes each day. I figure I can tear the pages out for some of the journalling – easy peasy.

Looking forward to the first prompt coming into my inbox overnight (it’s already 1 September here, so ready and waiting!).


Yay! I was stoked to check the winners page of Shimelle’s blog this morning and to see I had won a prize!

I had such a fabulous weekend of scrapping (not to mention getting a whopping 10 LO’s done), I thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges which pushed me outside my comfort zone. The photo challenges were ‘a bit on the side’ for me – I simply carried my camera around all weekend and snapped a few pics. I felt like a winner for what I had achieved in itself from the weekend.

So I was over the moon to see that Shimelle had chosen my ‘I Saw The Sign’ photo entry as the winner. This wonderful Keep Calm print is winging its way to me and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.

Make sure you head over to Shimelle’s blog and check out the other winning LO’s and photos. There is some amazing talent and inspiration there.

Happy Friday!


So over at Shimelle, there is a summer online crop going on – full of hourly scrap and photo challenges. Because it’s winter and raining here, and I am having a girly weekend, I spread out my stash and got into it this morning. (Those guys in the Northern Hemi have been scrapping while I have been sleeping, so I am playing catch up!).

In this post I am going to add my layouts from the scrap challenges, and I will post another for the photo challenges.

This is what my lounge looked like when I started…you don’t even wanna know what kind of state it’s in now!

Challenge number one was to scrap a page using red, aqua and white. It was a bit hard to get into the creative swing of things, but once I got going, I was away. Here is the layout I created – “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day”:

The second challenge, which I found much harder, was to scrapbook using a sketch provided. I’m not much of a person for a sketch, I tend to freestyle it depending on what embellishments I want to include, or how I feel the photos work best. So even though I had the perfect picture to use – the simplicity of this sketch was tough! Here is my layout, it’s of a fluke photo we captured (yay autotimer) when we visited a remote beach village of Koitiata. I love how the sunset is bursting out of our clasped hands.

The third challenge involves printing out an alphabet – so will have to wait until I get access to a printer at work on Monday.

The fourth challenge was to scrap with circles. My first reaction was “oh guts, I don’t have anything with circles on it” – but then I started sorting through my stash of papers. Ha! Turns out I had more than 10 sheets with dots or circles on them! Amazing what you find. I decided to do a double page (I was really getting into it now, someone hold me back!) about a concert that Jase and I went to last summer. The best thing? Being able to FINALLY use these awesome Creative Imaginations Rock Star stickers – which Jase gave me for my birthday a whopping TWO years ago. Yay! Stash busting at its best.

Challenge number five was to scrapbook with a black and white photo. I didn’t want to leave the house to print off a new black & white shot, so I scrounged around and found this pic from our walk to Red Rocks. It’s black and white, but the rocks are red – it was the closest I had!

The final challenge for day one was to scrap a page with more than four patterned papers. Well – I felt like this challenge threw me into real chaos! However I think I finally managed to pop a variety of patterns together in a way that doesn’t clash…well, nottoo bad I hope?! The story behind ‘Breaking the Rules’ is my mum’s joke – she always told me that I was to “never come home with a tattoo, never come home pregnant, and to never come home on the back of a motorbike”. Strangely enough, I listened…until last June when I hopped on the back of Jase’s dirtbike and took a ride down Waitarere Beach! I think at this age mum might just let me off?!

Ok, that’s it for tonight. I have a mighty sore back from sitting on the floor all afternoon – and somehow its 11.25pm! Bed time, and more layouts to come tomorrow hopefully!


Is it wrong that I have already bought some Martha Stewart Crafts stickers to use on a Rarotonga holiday layout…even though our trip to Raro isn’t until April next year???

But with stickers THIS cute, how could I resist?!

Martha Stewart Crafts – Tropical Drink & Snorkling Stickers

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