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Last night I sat down and scrapped my final two pages to complete my 2010 Learn Something New Every Day album. I am so proud that I have been able to complete this project over such a busy month (study, housesitting, exams, work, exercising etc) – but in actual fact I didn’t find it the chore I thought I would.

I was disciplined about writing my notes about what I had learnt every day (getting a cool wee notebook to carry in my handbag helped this), and then I made sure I either chose pics that I had taken of current or past events, or quickly snapped things from every day life to fit with that lesson. I got them printed at a pharmacy that I pass on the way home – and sure, it wasn’t the cheapest at 89c a print – but it was easy, convenient, and I could do it a few at a time.

When I did sit down to scrap (usually one night in the weekend) I would do a bunch of pages together. By choosing a 6×6 album, and precutting the papers – all I needed to do was select a background paper, stick down the photo and add a few embellishments. Super easy. I could crank out a page in less than 20mins.

I have also enjoyed using tags and journalling more – something that the LSNED makes you do. I am not much of a journaller usually but this project has made me document my days – and I have really enjoyed putting the stories down on paper. Something I need to make a concious effort to do more of.

So – after all that explanation – here are the final two pages in my album:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much of a mess I really do make when on a scrapping frenzy. Stuff goes EVERYWHERE! Fun. 27th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that getting out and exploring is so much fun! Especially on sunny days. 30 Sept. Somes Island.

And here is the finished album!


I only have two pages left to complete – and then my September Learn Something New Every Day book is complete! Here is an update with the pages I have completed in the last week:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that our Keep Cups are saving us money. We bought these and now we bring our coffee from home rather than buying it each day. And with GST about to go up, its a good investment. 21st September

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how refreshing it is to try something new. I went to a yoga class with Cathy and stayed for the yummy vegetarian meal afterwards. I also tried out the bizarre combo of peanut butter and tomato on toast after a recommendation (from @greermcdonald)…and it was strangely nice! Odd combo’s can work! Sept. 22nd.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that MIGRAINES SUCK. 23-09

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I am loved. Jason came home and serenaded me with various love songs that he found on my iPod. Not the most in tune way – but very sweet all the same. We were giggling all night! 24th September.

Journalling reads: Today I re-learnt how truly beautiful this city is…on a good day! We took a stroll around the botanical gardens and this was the view… At the top of the botanical gardens. Saturday 25th September.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that our travels aren’t as far away as they seem! April 2011 is coming up quick! 26th Sept.

Journalling reads: Super Pump. Today I learnt that I am SUPERCHARGED when I take SUPERPUMP! I tried it for the first time today and immediately saw the effects: increased weights, less fatigue, more sweat and quicker recovery = GREAT WORKOUT! 28/09/10

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much fun it is playing with my other camera lens. Tulips make a perfect subject! Play, 29 September

And ta-da! My final page!

Only two “lessons” to scrap and then the book is complete! Feeling pretty darn pleased with this effort!



I realised I hadn’t posted the LSNED layout’s that I completed in the weekend – so here they are! I will hopefully be finishing off my LSNED book this weekend – only 9 LO’s and it is done. I can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of completing the challenge during such a busy month.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a storm is fun…until you want to go to sleep! The weather bomb hit us and we were still awake at 2am with gale force winds! 17 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I love weekends away exploring new parts of our wonderful country. We spent the weekend at Otaki Beach on the Kapiti Coast. It was very relaxing and great to get there. 19th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I thrive on having a routine. We are back in our house, back to the gym, caught up on laundry, eating well, preparing our lunches…it works so well. (Caption on pic: I like having my ducks in a row…or seagulls in a line! 20/09).

More soon!

I got away to the beach in the weekend, and while the UBER STORM was hitting us, I was able to scrap away to my hearts content and catch up on my Learn Something New Pages for the week.

Here are the four new layouts I created:

Journalling reads: Do Not Enter! After ending up ankle deep in mud I learnt that an ‘under maintenence’ sign = do not enter. I took on the Hutt River trail in the rain, and quickly realised the path wasn’t suitable for running – it was a very slow and dirty run! 13th September

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that sharing my memories of Granny helps ease the pain of losing her. I blogged about how wonderful she was and the impact she had on my life and found it was very therapeutic to share. R.I.P. my beloved Granny.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt a glass of bubbles is a great way to celebrate! Such a huge weight off my shoulders. I can have a life again!!! 15 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that it takes a little longer than a lunchbreak to get my hair cut and coloured…especially when I end up going a bit blonder! A full head of foils helps hide the silvers 😉 September 16.

Now that the dreaded exam is over I should be keeping on top of these easily. I am stoked that I am still keeping up halfway through the month, and really enjoying this wee book I am creating along the way.

🙂 L

Short term goals for September? Here we go…

1) Sit my APR exam (tomorrow!) and my Viva Voce (also tomorrow!) and feel good about them afterwards (I can’t say “and pass”, because I won’t know that untl 26 October)

2) Stick to the 30 Days of Me challenge and blog every day – even if I have to pre-write and schedule the posts (come on…it’s not cheating right?!)

3) Finish my Learn Something New book by mid-October. Pretty ambitious, but I have kept on top of it for 12 days so far, so fingers crossed!

4) Start my new herbal detox that my naturopath prescribed on Monday 20th and stick to it

5) Get back into my training – gym x 3 per week, running x 2 per week. BOOM. AND get my nutrition back on track – make a food plan for the week and stick to it (starting next week).

6) Save another $1000 from now (14 Sept) until 14 Oct

7) Convince my boss to send me to Portland and NYC early December for work (there is actually a real reason for me to be going, I am not just plucking a trip out of thin air!).

8 ) Start living my life to the full again now that the BIG EXAM is over! YAY!

And finally, always keep this in mind:

Thanks to Miss Nat for sharing this. Credit: Simple. Organised. Life

Well, it’s been a week since I last updated with my latest Learn Something New layouts – I finally got to catch up last night!

Here are the ones from this week:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that despite all your good intentions…sometimes you just can’t fit it all in. Sometimes somethings gotta give…6/09/10

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a good result can give you much needed confidence. I recieved my 3rd APR assignment results back which immediately made me feel better. 7th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that new shoes will make me smile – no matter what kind of day I have had. I bought these gorgeous wedge heels off trademe today. Smile, Smile, Smile, Smile. 8 Sept.

Journalling reads: Early Mornings, Early Nights. Today I learnt that early mornings equal early nights. I have been in bed by 8.30 every night and falling into a deep sleep. Something to do with the 6am commute!

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a detox is just what the doctor ordered! I visited my naturopath who has prescribed a herbal detox after my exam. I am excited to get back into training, my nutrition and now a healthy detox! 10th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I just can’t go past seafood on the menu! We went to Silverspoon for dinner and I had scallops and salmon. Yum xxx. 11 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that this cat is only my friend when he wants to be fed! He may look cute, but he isn’t exactly the cuddliest of cats! ALBY, Sunday 12 Sept.

More to come soon – just super stoked to be staying on top of them EVEN when studying for my big exam! Yippee!


I sat down and scrapped my weekend learnings tonight (a welcome relief from the study!).

On Saturday I had a bit of a panic attack about how much study I had to do before the BIG exam – but managed to talk myself out of that panic. I realised I need to just believe in myself a bit more. I DO know my stuff, all I can do is continue the steady studying that I am doing, and trust that on exam day I will be able to bring it out. My journalling on this layout fits with Shimelle’s prompt 4 which talks about being vague or being detailed – I decided to not get bogged down in the “what I am studying and why” part of the story, and keep it vague and more about the emotions.

Journalling reads: September 4th. Today I learnt that I need to believe in myself. I know my stuff. Take a breath. Don’t panic. It will be fine.

Sunday was a beautiful spring day, and made me realise that Spring really is finally here. Maybe it doesn’t show itself every day, but we are having some lovely weather and it’s nice to get out and enjoy it when we can. I will print my photo out later this week – but here is the layout.

Journalling reads: 5th Sept. Today was a lovely crisp, fresh and sunny spring day. I did learn that even if the sun is out, you still need to rug up! We enjoyed a smoothie down at Petone Beach and the sun on our backs.

I think my strategy for this week will be to make sure I write my notes down, and then I can hopefully scrap them all on Friday night (let’s face it, no study is going to get done on a Friday night, so this can be my relaxing reward).

Hope you all had happy weekends, back to the grind tomorrow!


Last night I was too tired (and ok, If I am being honest, a bit hungover) to study – so I pulled out the stash intending just to sort through it and get the materials ready for when I did have the time to start on my Learn Something New pages. Before I knew it, there was glue and paper and letter stickers everywhere – and I had finished my title page, day 1, 2, and 3. Up to date, just like that!

I present to you, my first three learnings:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I AM a good cook. I made a great honey soy chicken in the slowcooker. Yummy and a success! Jase always loves, appreciates and compliments my cooking. I am getting better and enjoying it the more I do. SEPT 01.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that it is ALL about mind over matter. I nearly talked myself out of a gym visit but sucked it up to go for a run on the treadmill! I rewarded myself by listening to my favourite cool down song PROUD. September 02.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I am definitely a homebody. On a Friday – I can’t wait to get home! I love relaxing and making my home environment peaceful and inviting – especially my bedroom haven. I love snuggly linen!

So there we go – more soon!


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