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While on our travels, Jase and I have seen a few birds. And simply because some of them were kinda cute, we took the time to learn their names. You know, birds like oyster catchers and california quails.

Today we took our minor birdwatching hobby to new heights, by venturing to Staglands. Located 17km into the Akatarawa Valley (Upper Hutt, Wellington), the road out there wasn’t fun (windy & narrow), but boy was it worth it.

Staglands is a wildlife reserve  where you are free to wander amongst birds and animals and feed and interact with them. Before we knew it we were getting friendly with peacocks, geese, Kaka’s, Kunekune pigs, rabbits, budgies, parrots, and even some friendly donkeys, goats and Bob the Clydesdale.  

We took great pleasure at spotting various birds and figuring out what they were – maybe we really are amateur ornitholigists in the making?

Yo. What you lookin at?

The best part for Jase: Getting so close to the animals – including one cheeky Pukeko who tried to chew his shoe. And wouldn’t stop.

The best part for me: Catching a peacock shaking his tail feathers…and then realising we might have been “interrupting something”. Oops. Sorry mate.

Here are some of the other animals we came across.

Kunekune pig - a face only a mother could love!

Meeting the Donkey

Feeding the Goats

Mr Merino

Clydesdale Bob

Jase & I

Akatarawa Valley
Upper Hutt

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