I think the question should be – what ISN’T in my handbag – as it really is a world of chaos. Maybe my goal for next month should be to downsize and carry less?

Items I seem to be carrying today are:

– 2 x gold rings which I can’t wear at the moment thanks to bad eczema
– Rescue Remedy
– Migraine tablets
– ointment for my eczema
– PH Lavendar lip balm from Carterton
– iPhone
– Snapper Card
– Tiny pill container with my vitamins etc in
– 2 x Emery boards
– Pen
– Notebook
– Nivea Caregloss & Shine Lipgloss
– Wallet
– Digital camera
– Keys
– iPod
– Pedometer (not much use in the handbag!)
– Nike+ kit in small pouch
– Hairbrush
– Makeup bag
– Bills to be paid
– water bottle
– 3 bottles of Detox Kit liquid
– portable hard drive
– Sunglasses
– Entertainment book
– Anti-flamme
– 4 x LSNED prompts
– Lunch
– Laptop
– Mouse

I also carry my gym bag to and from work every day – no wonder I feel like a packhorse.

I think it’s time for a new handbag, and a re-think of the junk I carry! One like this perhaps…;)