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The 12wbt preseason task #3 is to set my goals. I know I am at the beginning of week 2, but things have been a bit chaotic in the past couple of weeks so I am working through the preseason tasks when I can grab a few minutes.

Back to goals! I have divided them up by 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months and 12 Months.

1 Month Goals (to 31 March)
Lose 4kg = be 70kgs
Run a 10km = Round the Vines in Martinborough (20 March)
Give 100% in all my dragon boating races (19 March)
Submit my UK Visa application by 15 March

How I will get there
Ensure all my meals are FRESH, and be strict on this eating programme
Continue to follow the 12wbt training programme
Run at least three times a week building up to the 10km
Focus on my body positioning and JFDI when in the boat on race day
Schedule in time to get visa application completed this week. Do online application Wed, do biometric testing Thurs. Send away on Friday.

3 Month Goals (to 31 May)
Lose 7kg = be at most 67kgs
Move to Vancouver with $20,000 in savings
Find a gym or event to train for in Vancouver

How I will get there
Stay strict on my eating, even while travelling
Keep up the training – utilise Mish’s outdoor workouts that I can do without a gym
Save as much as possible between now and 11 May when I fly by selling items on trademe, and selling my car
Research exercise options and local events in Vancouver

6 Month Goals (to 31 August)
Lose 10kgs = be at most 65kgs
Ensure my life is low stress, fun and I am making the most of my year away
Learn to snowboard

How I will get there
Do not over indulge in bad food while travelling/ living away. Ensure our meals are healthy and fresh
Run, gym or do some form of exercise three times a week – look into doing 12wbt round two? Possibly the advanced, fit and strong?
Take time to remember where I am, and what I am experiencing
Move to Whistler or a similar resort and take snowboarding lessons

12 Month Goals (to 28 Feb 2012)
Maintain weight at 65kgs (or lose a little more if I feel I need to)
Plan to move to the UK

How I will get there
Keep on top of my eating, exercising and maintaining my weight. Do 12wbt round 3 if I feel it is right for me
Pick events that I can do while overseas
Plan and save for our big shift to the UK


As I have mentioned before, I have been on a weight loss plateau for weeks. It was so hard not to be demotivated about it, to not think “it just isn’t working, I may as well give up”. But I forced myself to stick with it.

So I ate well, tracked my points, exercised like a fiend. I had a terrible WI in last week, and hit an all-time high of 76.2kgs. How? I honestly do not know.

This week, I took it slightly easier. I still tracked all my food, I still exercised when I could, I did my PT sessions…and finally the scales had mercy on me. This morning, I weighed in at 74.0kgs. That’s a MASSIVE loss of 2.2kgs since I stood on the scales at WW last week! Finally, after five long weeks of 200g down, 200 up nonsense, my body has responded with a big number.

Losing 2.2kgs is definitely not a reason to take the foot off the gas and relax –no way, I am using it as encouragement to kick it up even more!

In EXACTLY 12 weeks time, I will no longer be living in Wellington. I will no longer be living in New Zealand.

In 12 weeks time, I will be standing somewhere in Vancouver (yep, CANADA) and I will be weighing 65kgs. That’s right. SIXTY FIVE kilograms.

I had a terrible weigh-in today. I had gained 700g to be 76.2kg. When I signed up to Weight Watchers in November I was 75.9kgs. How the HELL did I end up 300g heavier than I was when I was at rock bottom? Since that date all I have put in is effort, effort and more effort!

I want to analyse that weight gain, I want to create reasons and excuses and say things like “it must be because I weighed in at lunchtime, normally I weigh in at 8am with nothing in my stomach” or “I had drunk a litre of water, thats a whole kilo right there” – but you know what? There are no excuses. I need to accept that horrible number and move on.

Coz from here on in, that number is only going down.

I have SO many tools to help me right now, that failure is not an option.

  • I track all my food online
  • I am seeing my new personal trainer once or twice a week
  • I made healthy and filling breakfast meals, lunches and dinners and froze them (think I will change it up for next week and add more fresh salads into the mix, while the quinoa is yummy as, I miss the variety)
  • I have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. This kicks off on Monday and is going to be guiding me through the next 12 weeks – to my goal of 65kgs

So dear blog readers, I hope you will follow me on my journey. This blog is about to get overtaken by my weight loss story and updates.

With 2011 being the year of FREE, part of that is freeing my body and my mind.

I have stayed away from writing this post, because I knew it would be hard for me to be honest and share where I am at, and where I was in 2010. However I want to be able to share my journey – and to do that, I need to fill you in on the beginning.

To put it bluntly, 2010 sucked for me body wise.

I put on weight – around 7kgs which is a LOT of weight considering my height (1.6m). I also suffered from some pretty awful symptoms – I couldn’t work it out, why my body was failing on me.

Weight gain
I am a pretty active person – I go to the gym regularly (on average 4+ times a week) and never shy away from getting sweaty. Jase is really active and so would never let me sit around on my butt and do nothing! Food wise – yeah ok, I like my food and while portion control may have been an issue, I am certainly not a massive junk food person. I keep an eye on what I eat and try to do my best. I don’t drink a lot – in fact, getting drunk is a rare occurrence.

So why was I putting on weight?

It came back with a vengeance, on my hands and the backs of my upper thighs. I couldn’t wear jewellery and pretty much never wore my rings all of 2011 because my hands would come up in small blisters. I tried creams and lotions, but it would flare up and flake. It was awful.

Anxiety, Headaches (Migraines), Mind screwing symptoms
Feeling like it was all too much, worrying about things that I didn’t need to, loss of concentration, intense mood swings, a heightened confusion in mildly stressful situations, and experiencing panic attacks.

Sometimes I would eat something and within 20 minutes I was running to the bathroom. Intense stomach pains and an upset stomach. It was this symptom that finally made me seek help.

In February last year I found my awesome naturopath and went for my first consultation. Kimberley was amazing and listened to everything I was saying and told me I wasn’t crazy, that it was all connected and we would get to the bottom of it.

– I did allergy testing and confirmed (I always suspected) my intolerance to all dairy/lactose. Immediately changing to soy products has changed my life, and I have barely suffered from IBS since.
– I also stay away from oranges, apples, garlic, and onions as allergy tests identified them as reactor foods
– I did a 3 month homoeopathic detox kit which cleansed my kidneys, liver, immune and lymphatic systems
– I stared taking fish oil, magnesium, vitamin c, and a strong multivitamin daily
– I supplemented those with various herbal tonics for mouth ulcers (I was getting those when I was run down), Echinacea (for when I went travelling to boost my immune system), rescue remedy (to aid the anxiety), probiotics, and bach flowers and withuania (for calming)

What we have discovered over the year is that my biggest problem is how my body reacts to STRESS. All of the above symptoms led back to stress in my life – both conscious and unconscious stress. Sometimes I didn’t even think I was stressed at all – and yet my body was telling me something different. It all seemed to kick off around the time of my Granny’s death, and built from there.

My body had gone into a state of chronic stress – and this is where the weight gain comes in.

When you are stressed, your body releases a hormone called cortisol (produced by the adrenal gland).

Cortisol’s primary functions in the body are:

  • increasing blood sugar
  • suppressing the immune system
  • aiding in fat, protein, and carbohydrate metabolism

It is your “fight or flight” hormone – it kicks in when you are in trouble. Back in the day, when you were in trouble your body would store fat around your vital organs as protection and for extra energy to burn when you may not have access to food.

Unfortunately for me – I was “fight or flighting” – but without any threat. Food was abundant and I wasn’t in any danger. But my body was packing on the weight – around my tummy. HELLO weight gain!

So – cutting a LONG story short – part of the reason 2011 is the year of FREE is because I need to FREE myself of stress, in order to lose weight.

Interestingly enough, I went on holiday over the New Year break – camping, lots of reading, swimming, enjoying a few wines etc. I was stress-free. My eczema finally left my hands and I put my rings back on (and haven’t taken them off since). I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to what I was eating, we didn’t do any major exercise…yet I lost weight. As my naturopath said “you must be the only person who eats healthy and exercises lots and puts on weight, yet you go on holiday and eat chips & dip and drink wine and you lose it!”

I really am trapped in a crazy body. BUT, I am working on understanding it.

Small changes that I am making in 2011 to help me reduce my stress (and my weight – it is all linked) include:

– trying to de-gluten-ify my diet as much as possible. I recently read Eat Right For Your Type (finished it in an hour, I was enthralled) and it made complete sense. I am an 0 blood type, which is the oldest blood type, the hunter. The hunter thrives on meat and vegetables – there was no dairy or wheat products around in those days. While I am not going to be one of those “I can’t eat anything but air” type people, I am striving to only put things that make me feel good into my body

– exercise because I want to, not because I have to. I tried my first Body Attack class a couple of weeks ago and I am addicted to the high it gives me! I have joined the work dragon boating team and I can’t wait for the festival in March when we compete. I have signed up for round the bays and I plan to RUN the whole 7km! Training so far is going well

– after being a lacklustre Weight Watchers online member, I took the full plunge and reset all my stats and am going hard on the food tracking (the new iPhone app makes everything so much easier). I have started going to meetings and am making my weekly weigh in a priority and something I look forward to! This week has been particularly awesome – a bunch of us who are on twitter started a private facebook group and the sharing and motivation that has come from that small group of like minded people has really got me going! I am going to be a success and nail this weight gain on the head!

– reducing stressors, and increasing stress-relievers. The biggest thing I have done in 2011 so far has been giving up coffee. I loved my daily coffee – but coffee spikes cortisol levels, so I have switched to Green Tea (I don’t drink normal tea either). I am still allowing myself a soy latte as an absolute treat every now and then – but have only done that once in three weeks!

So there we have it, 2011 means freeing my mind of stress, and freeing my body of the weight it has gained.

Stay tuned for updates!

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