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And here we are – the final pages that make up my complete Journal Your Christmas album. Hurrah!

…and here we go again! The next installment:

I finally finished my JYC album – and before my deadline of Jan 31st too! I thought I would post the complete album across three posts, to divide it up a bit.

For the format of this album, I took inspiration from Ali Edwards’ December daily, and each day has a cover page and a date page (and sometimes I inserted an extra page where I had additional photos).

Here are the first 10 days of my JYC 2010.

I managed a sneaky visit to Kate’s Paperie yesterday while working in SoHo; and LOVED some of the gorgeous wee things they had in there. With 30% off the whole store, I had to try and limit my spending – but I did allow myself a few purchases (some more stash for my Dec Daily/ JYC album – like I really NEED anymore!) and a couple of holiday/travel themed bits. Cute!

Anna Griffin goodies

Extra stash for JYC

After the success of my Learn Something New Every Day book, I have decided to take on Journal Your Christmas – another online class by Shimelle. A month or so back, I spotted Ali Edwards’s December Daily album – and I loved how she was setting it out. However, I knew I was going to need the daily prompts, which Shimelle is so good at, to keep me going throughout such a busy time of year.
I know that December is going to be manic for me. There is a fair bit of travelling going on for one thing (NYC to NZ, Wellington to Ohakune & back, Wellington to Auckland & back) as well as Christmas parties and housesitting and working and all of the daily craziness that Decmber seems to bring!
My solution? Use the December Daily page layout, create my album well prior to December hitting – and wait with my supplies at the ready for the JYC prompts to roll in. I got my album done in the weekend and here it is – all ready to go!

My front cover

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Examples of interior pages & dividers

Back Cover

That’s just a sneak peek of the inside of the book – I will share the detail page by page as I create each daily entry!

Bring on December!

Surprise Surprise – I had barely finished (ok, truth – I hadn’t finished!) my LSNED album, before I was thinking about the next project! Natalie mentioned that Journal Your Christmas was a great class to take and so I was all sorted to sign up for that in November.

But then I saw Ali Edwards’ December Daily album and I fell in love. I decided to purchase her page overlays and get started. I spent Thursday night printing the overlays on white linen paper and cutting them down to size.

I have since decided to combine the two – based on a forum I read over on two peas. I love Shimelle’s prompts and really want to look at the christmas season with new eyes; however as I will be travelling for the first two weeks (New York, YUSS) I needed something like the Dec Daily layouts to keep it simple.

And yes, I do know it is only October – but with moving house, work being insanely busy & travelling – I figured getting started now wouldn’t hurt! Here are the thickers, letters, embellishments and papers I plan on using.

Today I went through my whole stash and pulled out any christmas themed embellishments and papers – turns out I had a LOT more than I thought I did*. Fingers crossed this is going to be another stash busting project (I gotta stop buying, gotta start using it all coz I won’t be taking it with me when we go overseas!).

I am also about to sign up for the True Stories class – to continue developing my journalling skills. Woah – scrapbooking hardout much?!

*I may or may not have accidentally visited a couple of scrapbooking stores in order to ensure I had enough Christmas themed stash…

Last night I sat down and scrapped my final two pages to complete my 2010 Learn Something New Every Day album. I am so proud that I have been able to complete this project over such a busy month (study, housesitting, exams, work, exercising etc) – but in actual fact I didn’t find it the chore I thought I would.

I was disciplined about writing my notes about what I had learnt every day (getting a cool wee notebook to carry in my handbag helped this), and then I made sure I either chose pics that I had taken of current or past events, or quickly snapped things from every day life to fit with that lesson. I got them printed at a pharmacy that I pass on the way home – and sure, it wasn’t the cheapest at 89c a print – but it was easy, convenient, and I could do it a few at a time.

When I did sit down to scrap (usually one night in the weekend) I would do a bunch of pages together. By choosing a 6×6 album, and precutting the papers – all I needed to do was select a background paper, stick down the photo and add a few embellishments. Super easy. I could crank out a page in less than 20mins.

I have also enjoyed using tags and journalling more – something that the LSNED makes you do. I am not much of a journaller usually but this project has made me document my days – and I have really enjoyed putting the stories down on paper. Something I need to make a concious effort to do more of.

So – after all that explanation – here are the final two pages in my album:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much of a mess I really do make when on a scrapping frenzy. Stuff goes EVERYWHERE! Fun. 27th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that getting out and exploring is so much fun! Especially on sunny days. 30 Sept. Somes Island.

And here is the finished album!

I only have two pages left to complete – and then my September Learn Something New Every Day book is complete! Here is an update with the pages I have completed in the last week:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that our Keep Cups are saving us money. We bought these and now we bring our coffee from home rather than buying it each day. And with GST about to go up, its a good investment. 21st September

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how refreshing it is to try something new. I went to a yoga class with Cathy and stayed for the yummy vegetarian meal afterwards. I also tried out the bizarre combo of peanut butter and tomato on toast after a recommendation (from @greermcdonald)…and it was strangely nice! Odd combo’s can work! Sept. 22nd.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that MIGRAINES SUCK. 23-09

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I am loved. Jason came home and serenaded me with various love songs that he found on my iPod. Not the most in tune way – but very sweet all the same. We were giggling all night! 24th September.

Journalling reads: Today I re-learnt how truly beautiful this city is…on a good day! We took a stroll around the botanical gardens and this was the view… At the top of the botanical gardens. Saturday 25th September.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that our travels aren’t as far away as they seem! April 2011 is coming up quick! 26th Sept.

Journalling reads: Super Pump. Today I learnt that I am SUPERCHARGED when I take SUPERPUMP! I tried it for the first time today and immediately saw the effects: increased weights, less fatigue, more sweat and quicker recovery = GREAT WORKOUT! 28/09/10

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much fun it is playing with my other camera lens. Tulips make a perfect subject! Play, 29 September

And ta-da! My final page!

Only two “lessons” to scrap and then the book is complete! Feeling pretty darn pleased with this effort!



…Is here 😉

I realised I hadn’t posted the LSNED layout’s that I completed in the weekend – so here they are! I will hopefully be finishing off my LSNED book this weekend – only 9 LO’s and it is done. I can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of completing the challenge during such a busy month.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a storm is fun…until you want to go to sleep! The weather bomb hit us and we were still awake at 2am with gale force winds! 17 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I love weekends away exploring new parts of our wonderful country. We spent the weekend at Otaki Beach on the Kapiti Coast. It was very relaxing and great to get there. 19th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I thrive on having a routine. We are back in our house, back to the gym, caught up on laundry, eating well, preparing our lunches…it works so well. (Caption on pic: I like having my ducks in a row…or seagulls in a line! 20/09).

More soon!

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