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Dear Mum & Dad,

Thank you for being the best parents ever. I love how “in love” you are with each other, even after 27 years of marriage (and 2 awesome kids!). I hope that when I am your age I am still just as in love as you two are. 

Lots of Love,


p.s. I also love that you go camping and take SO many toys that you fill the station wagon AND the trailer – for just the two of you.

Camping for two = all u need is kayaks, bikes, surfboards...

…Is here 😉

I realised I hadn’t posted the LSNED layout’s that I completed in the weekend – so here they are! I will hopefully be finishing off my LSNED book this weekend – only 9 LO’s and it is done. I can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of completing the challenge during such a busy month.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that a storm is fun…until you want to go to sleep! The weather bomb hit us and we were still awake at 2am with gale force winds! 17 Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I love weekends away exploring new parts of our wonderful country. We spent the weekend at Otaki Beach on the Kapiti Coast. It was very relaxing and great to get there. 19th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that I thrive on having a routine. We are back in our house, back to the gym, caught up on laundry, eating well, preparing our lunches…it works so well. (Caption on pic: I like having my ducks in a row…or seagulls in a line! 20/09).

More soon!

Yellow food.

Mmmmm drooool mmmmm

I love it!

I love fries and wedges and cheese and crackers and burgers and nachos…I go nuts over the yellow stuff!

BUT I have learnt (or am on the way to learning) that it’s not really the best option for me. In fact – as part of the Shape up for Summer challenge, I have given up hot chips/fries/wedges for the next 10 weeks. It’s not that I eat them that often, but I sure do crave them a hell of a lot – and giving in to that craving isn’t going to help me achieve my goals.

So buh-bye to yellow foods – unless it’s a real special treat 😉

Over on twitter, we have been having quite the discussion about what makes the perfect sports bra. Unfortunately – I have yet to find one! It got me thinking about sharing with you what I wear to exercise. This is the stuff I find the most comfortable for the types of classes & running that I do. 

Just a quick disclaimer – yes, I work for Icebreaker, and yes, I wear a lot of it. Hence the abundance of Icebreaker gears below. But the stuff really is the shiz. ‘Nuff said (don’t need to launch into the spiel on my own blog haha! Ask me if you want to know more).

Starting from the top – on my head I generally wear an Icebreaker GT Quantum Headband. I like having a headband on because it keeps the hair out of my eyes, soaks up the sweat, and if I am running – it helps keep my iPod earbuds in place. Also in the winter it keeps my ears warm!

Icebreaker GT Quantum Headband

Under that, and in my ears is my iPod Nano. I am super old school and have a 1st generation 4MB one, but it does the trick so haven’t felt the need to upgrade yet. I have it in a armband which I wear on my upper left arm. I also wear it upside down so that when I am running I can lift my arm and see what track is playing! For running, I use the Nike+ iPod kit – this has dramatically changed my running! I love the graphs and the motivation it gives.

iPod Arm Band

Right, onto the torso. I currently use Nike crop top style sports bra’s, but am looking to change. I like the support they give me for general gym classes – but feel I need something a little extra for running. Gotta keep these puppies supported you know! If anyone can recommend a good one then let me know!

Nike Bra

Over the top I generally wear an Icebreaker GT Dash Tank – I have this in 7 different colours! I like wearing a tank because I prefer having my arms free, and also because I don’t like crewe tops that come up round my neck. My chest needs to breathe otherwise I feel all claustrophobic!

Icebreaker GT Dash Tank

If I am RPM-ing it, I do tend to wear sleeves – something like the Icebreaker short sleeve Dash Zip. I like being able to let the zip right down and get even more air to my chest. Helps me go faster I reckon 😉

Icebreaker SS Dash Zip

 If I am running outside, or in the winter, or it’s just cold for the warmup track in the gym, I layer an Icebreaker Long Sleeve Chase Zip over the top. This is one of my favourite garments – I currently have a purple and a black one, but definitely going to get more!

Icebreaker LS Chase Zip

Bottom half. In winter I wear Nike Dri Fit leggings. I find them reallly comfy & stretchy & come to the right length on my legs. In summer I have a couple of pairs of Nike shorts – but I particularly like these ones below. How cool is the hot pink on them? And when you flip the waistband down it says “Just Do It”. That’s some motivational talk for the peeps behind me in class right there!

Nike Dri Fit

Nike Shorts

If I am RPMing it, I wear SUBride shorts (gotta bit of padding for the old behind) and take my own Velo Gel Tech seat to class. Padding, loooottts of padding! (again, it makes you go faster!).  

Velo Gel Tech Seat

I wear Icebreaker Run socks coz they are THE most comfy socks ever. Hands down.

Icebreaker Run Lite Micro Socks

And finally….SHOES! I have a couple of pairs that I am alternating between including a Brooks pair that I got from Shoe Science (yes, ok, the fact that they were pink & purple TOTALLY came into it) and a white Nike pair.

Brooks shoes

Nike Shoes


And there you have it. All the things I wear for exercise. What about you guys?

Today’s post comes from a guest blogger – none other than Jase himself! I asked him “what makes me different to everyone else” and this was his reply:

Leah is different because she makes “Every day seem like a Saturday”. She will see the good side of anything and is always willing to give something a go (even if half the time she isn’t that good at it, or is even unable to do something). Leah has a passion for life and getting out and living it.

Most importantly the main aspect that is special about her is the excitement and passion she brings into our relationship, and for experiencing all our current location has to offer. Even though I have lived in Wellington for 24 years, it is only since Leah has been down here that I have truly experienced everything that is special about the city I call home.

The 18 months we have been living in Wellington has felt more like a “working holiday” than simply working and going through the daily grind, and if someone can bring that into your life – then you know they truly are special! 

Leah can also be a right pain in the A** and a stubborn little madam when she wants to be, but that just adds to overall melting pot that is Leah!

Leah trying to be a tramper, even though she whinged quite a bit of the way & 'doesn't like hills'!

Here is a picture of something that makes me happy 🙂

You can't beat Wellington on a good day

Wellington Cable Car

The Spring Festival is currently on at the Wellington Botanic Gardens – and that means tulips! Last year my mum was down for World of Wearable Arts and we went and saw the tulips, and so when Jase suggested a walk in the sun on Saturday I knew just the perfect place for a wander! I also got to play with my other camera lens, which I barely use (it’s a bit fiddly changing lenses all the time, so I tend to keep it on the 18-55mm).

Here are some of my snaps:

Day 20 asks who I see myself marrying or being with in the future. Jase’s response to that was “Oh geez, this 30 days thing is stupid! I think you better be safe and write about what qualities you want in that person”. Yeah – he’s not so good on the “marriage” front, it’s just not on his cards anytime soon and that’s ok with me – for now 😉 (meanwhile I still swoon over wedding magazines & go goo-goo over other peoples wedding pics).

So…qualities that are important to me are:

– Someone who is loving, caring & supportive of me
– Someone who spends time with me & accepts me for who I am
– Someone who can make me laugh
– Someone who loves travelling & exploring new places
– Someone who is motivated & is a hard worker
– Someone who is positive, friendly & can have a laugh with my friends & family
– Someone who seeks to be financially secure with me, and wants to have children (and a dog!)
– Oh, and tall, well built & blondish (that’s just my type – can’t get away from it!)

I am sure there are plenty more qualities that make up the person I want to be with in the future, but that’s a quick braindump.

In the meantime, Jase & I definitely have plans for our future together, so I guess the quick answer is this guy:

Monday: Sluggish 55min step class (day 1 of detox so felt super blurgh)

Tuesday: 45min express pump class

Wednesday: 75min Yoga class

Thursday: 45min RPM class

Friday: day off

Saturday: walk around the botanical gardens

Sunday: 5.42k run on the treadmill

Weightloss to date: 1kg exactly (whooop, yes! A big loss finally!).

Shape up for Summer officially started on Saturday – so bring it on!

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