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Mish’s preseason task 4 was about getting the gear you need, and sorting your routine out. Considering it’s week 4 already (and I am only just getting to this task) – it’s lucky I was pretty much sorted already!

Firstly, I am a loyal Les Mills member (oh how I love Les Mills) and regularly attack, pump, RPM, step and sometimes combat. Quite often I will just use the cardio machines as well, and when I am with my trainer Emma, we work out using strength bags and kettlebells and medicine balls and all those sorts of fun things!

Last week was a challenging week. We were heading away to the Coromandel for a week long beach holiday. However I was determined that “beach holiday” wouldn’t mean “exercise holiday” so I packed my shoes and gear, and worked out a plan.

Day 1 – I did Mish’s Week 3, Monday outdoor workout in the park (including the awful Turkish Getups, without a dumbell). I enlisted Jase’s help as ‘workout commando’ and we did a cool little warmup – Jase kicked his rugby ball around the field and I had to run to get it, and bring it back to him to kick again. Good way to make a 10min run fun!

Day 2 – I ran to the marina, along the main road, and back home again which was a distance of 4.8km. To round it up, I ran to the bus stop and back to make it 5kms.

Day 3 – I did my own outdoor workout on the beach. I ran 1km in barefeet along the sand (harder than it sounds), and then did reps of press ups, burpees, basketball jumps, tricep dips, crunches, double crunches, reverse crunches and plank. Repeat x 3.

Working out on the beach

Day 4 – I found the Whangamata Gym! I joined in with the 6 local ladies doing their morning pump class – which was a bit different but I definitely worked up a sweat!

Day 5 – 5km Running Route again

Day 6 – stretching on the beach

I was really proud of myself that I managed to make my workouts fit to my location. No Excuses! Just because I wasnt near my normal gym, didnt mean I couldnt put my shoes on and work up a sweat. Stretching on the beach as the sun came up was absolute bliss (and now I am wondering how I can make that permanently part of my life?!).

Mish also recommends getting a heart rate monitor to monitor your calories burnt, and your heart rate. Purely because of the cost I have been humming and harring over this purchase for weeks now (3 weeks to be exact). Finally I decided to do it. And so, I introduce to you…Harry (the hardout heart rate monitor). He is a spanky Polar FT7. I can’t wait to strap him on and see what he says after my attack class and dragon boating session tonight!

Harry "the hardout" Heart Rate Monitor

I feel totally geared up and ready for week 4! Bring it on!


In the last two weeks, I have worked out with Emma – my new personal trainer – four times.

I can’t begin to describe how great this has been, having someone who tells you to do something means you just do it – rather than talking myself out of it, or taking it easy, or half assing it! I have been working up some serious sweats, and it feels great!

Workout number one was:

3min warmup on treadmill at 8.5

2mins treadmill at 10.5
20 x fast squats with 10kg strength bag
20 x squat press with 5kg dumbells
8 x jacknife crunches/pressups with my legs on a swiss ball

repeat 3 times.

Workout number two was:

10min warmup on treadmill at 8.5

2mins treadmill at 8.5
2 mins treadmill at 10.0
2mins treadmill at 5.0 increasing to 8.5
2mins treadmill back up at 10.0

(repeat this x 5  – 2minute runs at 10.0, 2minute breaks in between)

20 x bar squats with increasing weights
8 x medicine ball press ups on each arm

repeat x 3

Box step ups & press with 3kg dumbells
10 x on each leg

repeat x 3

Workout number three was (and I even have pictures!):

10min warmup on the treadmill at 8.5

1 min fast run on the treadmill at 10.5

1 lunge with 10kg strength bag – left leg
1 lunge with 10kg strength bag – right leg

1 Squat/Press with 10kg strength bag

1 bent over row with 15kg strength bag

1 set of mountain climbers (bring your knee up to each armpit) while in a plank position on a Bosu

Increase sets to 200 metres running, 2 lunges, 2 squats etc; 300 metres running, 3 lunges, 3 squats etc; 40 seconds running, 4 lunges, 4 squats etc; 50 seconds…and so on and so on until you get to 10 (1min 40 seconds running, 10 lunges on each leg, 10 squats etc) and then work back down.

In my 45 minute workout, I managed to get right up to 10 sets, and did an extra set of 9 at the end. And I was stuffed!

Workout number four was:

10 minute warmup on treadmill at 8.5

1km on treadmill at 10.5, every 200m increase 0.1 up to 10.9
15 x kettlebell swings at 15kgs
10 x pull ups on a bar using my bodyweight
15 x swiss ball crunch

repeat x 2

1km back on the treadmill at 9.5.

repeat kettlebell, pull ups and crunches x 2

1km back on the treadmill at 9.0

Phew! I am exhausted just reading these workouts – but so so glad to be doing them. Emma is awesome and I am finally making some progress with the weight loss – more on that soon!

The lovely Les Mills is offering a 10 week Shape up for Summer challenge, starting this Saturday. The challenge runs until Saturday 4th of December – and for the grand total of $10 (all money to the Heart Children) I get:

  • two weigh-ins (eep)
  • two free RPM (spin) rides
  • a free 45 min consultation to get you on track
  • a weekly motivational email to keep me on track 
  • a food and workout template to track my progress
  • access to a team training work out of the week (which I have signed up for) – to train with others who are on the challenge
  • prizes! spot prizes & an overall prize for the biggest loser & the biggest money raiser for Heart Children

All that for $10 seemed like a great deal so I have signed myself up, completed the first weigh in (sorry, not ready to share this JUST yet) and filled out my planned training diary.

Stay posted for the updates – one a week for the next 10 weeks. I want to shape up for summer! YAY!

Anyone want to join me?  😉

Fine print: you need to sign up by Saturday 25 September at your local Les Mills

Short term goals for September? Here we go…

1) Sit my APR exam (tomorrow!) and my Viva Voce (also tomorrow!) and feel good about them afterwards (I can’t say “and pass”, because I won’t know that untl 26 October)

2) Stick to the 30 Days of Me challenge and blog every day – even if I have to pre-write and schedule the posts (come on…it’s not cheating right?!)

3) Finish my Learn Something New book by mid-October. Pretty ambitious, but I have kept on top of it for 12 days so far, so fingers crossed!

4) Start my new herbal detox that my naturopath prescribed on Monday 20th and stick to it

5) Get back into my training – gym x 3 per week, running x 2 per week. BOOM. AND get my nutrition back on track – make a food plan for the week and stick to it (starting next week).

6) Save another $1000 from now (14 Sept) until 14 Oct

7) Convince my boss to send me to Portland and NYC early December for work (there is actually a real reason for me to be going, I am not just plucking a trip out of thin air!).

8 ) Start living my life to the full again now that the BIG EXAM is over! YAY!

And finally, always keep this in mind:

Thanks to Miss Nat for sharing this. Credit: Simple. Organised. Life

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