This weekened was our “mini milestone” event. Mish suggested ideas such as a long run, bike, or swim; 100 burpees or doing 3 classes in a row. Lucky for me, my “mini milestone” was already in the diary for this weekend. All I had to do was show up!

Saturday was the Wellington Dragonboating Festival. For the last 8 weeks, my team has been practicing in the wet, windy, dark and cold evenings, so we were really looking forward to our first ever race day.

Team Icebreaker ready for action

The races were great fun! We came solidly third in all of our races (five boats per race) – which got us into the Corporate Social Final. We were pipped right at the end by 3 100ths of a second to come third (again, groan!) but were stoked with our Bronze medals. Not bad considering 8 weeks ago none of us had even been inside a dragonboat before!

Just a nose in it!

After the 5 races, I was SHATTERED. Harry worked out that I had burnt 585 calories. Not bad for a day on the water.

Exhausted & happy

The alarm buzzed at 6.30 again this morning (who said weekends were for sleep ins?!) and we headed over the hill to Martinborough for the Round the Vines 10km run. Seeing as my last serious run (apart from a couple of practically leisurely 5km jogs) was the 7km Round the Bays, which almost killed me, I was rather nervous about this race. I told myself to just use it as a practice event, enjoy it, run when I could, and walk if I needed. Time didn’t matter, all that did was that I got to the end – one way or another.

Jase and I before the event

It was a scorcher of a day, and the event kicked off at 10.30am. Jase and I ran the course together, and allowed ourselves stops at each water stop, of course sampling the local wines as well! It was so so hot, and whenever I could I threw a cup of water straight over my head to try and keep cool.

Sav Blanc? Don't mind if we do!

The course was absolutely stunning, we ran along flat roads, gravel trails and roads, and along grass – even between the vines. Because it was such a gorgeous day, it was a really beautiful run.

Vine running

The last 2km REALLY hurt – I could feel my hip flexors straining, and blisters forming underneath my toes. Jase helped me push on, encouraging me the whole way to the final stretch where I put on a sprint to the finish line.

We completed the run in 1 hour and 10 minutes, 16 seconds. STOKED! Considering there was a bit of stopping, a bit of wine tasting, and lots of huffing and puffing – to finish in 1hr10 was great for my first 10k. Things can only get better from here. 816 calories burnt too, thanks Harry.

Happy to have made it to the end

As a reward, we drove to the Lake Ferry hotel for a cider in the sun 🙂 Seems to be my post-race treat!

Tired, happy and with cider = win

I wonder what event I am going to find to do next? Maybe it will be in Canada – who knows!