Nicknames. I am not a fan. Not necesarily other peoples nicknames…just don’t like having my own name turned into that word. You know the one. I mentioned it on day 1. I don’t know why people seem to feel the need to drop the last syllable in my name (the AH) part, and just call me lee, leigh, or lea. Jase does it quite often – when he is trying to annoy me.

Occassionally I let people get away with it. But only coz I REALLY like them.

When I was at primary school I got some hideous ones. Leotard. Leah-tard the retard? Leah Wee-ah (coz wee is funny at age 5). And the worst was that whenever we played Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – I always had to be the blue one. Why? coz his name was Leonardo. Sigh. I always wanted to be Donatello (purple) or at least Raphael (red).

The one nickname that I do like, is one I have had since I was born – Lulu. My whole family calls me that – especially my dad, brother and uncle. At least it had two syllables 😉

So, not many nicknames really. Guess I am just a bit precious about my wee name 🙂