Day 16 calls for a photo of myself – but I think I would rather share some photos of my wonderful other half and I together.

At Otaki Beach

The short story goes like this: We met in a bar in Auckland, became inseperable, and tried to ignore the fact that he was moving back to Wellington. He moved. It was supposed to be the end. It wasn’t. We did the part-time/ long distance thing. I moved to Wellington 6 months after we met. We had a year of “getting used to being full time bf/gf in the same city” and moved in together at the beginning of 2010. We are planning on travelling together next year. Awww ❤

And cue the slideshow of pics…

At a Halloween Party

You can't beat a trumpet

Dancing at a winery concert

On the back of Jase's dirtbike

Walking at Butterfly Creek

Enjoying a summer work bbq

At a friends wedding