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Maranui Cafe, a quirky, 1940s-style cafe situated in the clubrooms of the Maranui Surf Club. is meant to be one of the best cafe’s in Wellington. Of course, no one mentioned this to me – until the cafe burnt down last year. Jase and I were gutted that we had never been able to experience this wee Wellington gem.

Maranui Cafe Fire

When we heard the cafe was reopening in June after being restored (much fundraising was done by local cafe’s and the surf club), dining there was definitely on our to-do-list. We knew that it’s popularity meant it is always packed…so our visit had to be carefully planned and timed!

This morning the weather was awful – howling with wind and the house was being lashed by heavy rain. What better morning than to head out for brunch and try Maranui. Surely no-one else would venture out in this gastly weather, and if we got there early…wrong! The place was humming, but after table jumping we managed to get a great seat right by the window where we could watch the crazy weather at Lyall Bay.

View of wild Lyall Bay

We tucked into scrummy eggs and bacon and coffees – which we thoroughly enjoyed. The service was fantastic and the nautical decor is great. I can definitely see why it’s touted as one of Wellington’s best!

I found this poem on the Maranui website and thought it summed it up perfectly:

If you’ve ever been walking along Lyall Bay
In the bright shining sun on a hot summer’s day

Or could a storm be brewing and blowing a gale
Your poor teeth chattering and skin turned pale

There’s now a place you can head for a cuppa
For tasty snacks and freshly cooked tucka

Old Maranui now has a cafe inside
Her bright red doors are opened up wide

Seven days a week our life savers make
A sumptuous selection of Wellington’s finest cake

There is no question we are certain to say
The Maranui Cafe makes the best coffee in the bay

And served to you by Matt and his team
Of friendly surf staff and baristas supreme

So put on your shoes or jump on your bike
And be sure to bring along someone you like

We always like to see somebody new
And don’t forget to sign the member’s book too

Maranui Cafe
7 Lyall Parade
Lyall Bay

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