Day 20 asks who I see myself marrying or being with in the future. Jase’s response to that was “Oh geez, this 30 days thing is stupid! I think you better be safe and write about what qualities you want in that person”. Yeah – he’s not so good on the “marriage” front, it’s just not on his cards anytime soon and that’s ok with me – for now 😉 (meanwhile I still swoon over wedding magazines & go goo-goo over other peoples wedding pics).

So…qualities that are important to me are:

– Someone who is loving, caring & supportive of me
– Someone who spends time with me & accepts me for who I am
– Someone who can make me laugh
– Someone who loves travelling & exploring new places
– Someone who is motivated & is a hard worker
– Someone who is positive, friendly & can have a laugh with my friends & family
– Someone who seeks to be financially secure with me, and wants to have children (and a dog!)
– Oh, and tall, well built & blondish (that’s just my type – can’t get away from it!)

I am sure there are plenty more qualities that make up the person I want to be with in the future, but that’s a quick braindump.

In the meantime, Jase & I definitely have plans for our future together, so I guess the quick answer is this guy: