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I was brainstorming with Jase about what to name my blog – and he said “Well, that’s easy – you have to name it Chandelier!”

The name Chandelier was something that my good friend Shannon and I came up with a few years ago. Both of us work in PR, and were out for brunch one day (Malt Bar, Grey Lynn – YUM) and joked that if we ever started a PR company together we should call it Chandelier PR…Shan-de-Leah! Brilliant (well we thought so!). I could immediatly see great business logos and expensive crystals hanging from our office ceiling. Of course, I managed to kill the moment by saying “I SO need to write that down, in case we forget”…to which Shan said “Um Leah, we can’t really forget it…it’s our NAMES”.


So while there is no Shan right now (the lucky thing is jetsetting overseas), the name has stuck a bit, and hence the Chandeleah.

I asked Jase why he thought Chandelier suited my new blog – he replied “it just suits you – Chandeliers are expensive, exquisite, classy, glittery, eye catching, precious, refined, beautiful, the centrepiece – and centre of attention – just like you”. AWW. That was enough. I. Was. Sold.

Chandeleah it was.

🙂 L

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