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The hoards of people that had flocked to Mission Estate in Napier to see Sting perform

A wander around Napier in the sun, we came across the beautiful Pania of the reef

Valentines Day surprise delivery ❤

Still loving the love. Can you blame me?

Only 12 more weeks of the 1 hour morning commute

One thing I have noticed since driving along Aotea Quay every morning – is just HOW MANY cruise ships come in to Wellington. I had no idea there were so many!

A beautiful day for a garden wedding. Congrats Mel & Matt!


Cider in the sun. Win.


My happy dog Chloe, walking along Manly beach

Mum and Dad ordering coffee at the Matakana Farmers Market – on the way to Tawharanui

Dad went out fishing in the sea kayaks – doesn’t he look so happy on the water? 

Early morning walk along the westend track (Tawharanui) 

Now this is camping – shaving in a bucket

It had to be done! Beautiful gorgeous Tawharanui – the beach I grew up on

Amazing flowers I saw on the Brick Bay Sculpture Walk. They didn’t look real!  



Bliss ❤


I went to Body Step with a couple of The Shrinking Violets

I bought new shoes for Dragon Boating. Unfortunately none fit me, except for the girls sz 3 HOT PINK ones. I am gonna be working it in this boat!

Thai for lunch for a colleague’s leaving – but this time, no food picture!

An ex-colleague, Alex Asher, was completing his Cape to Strait run – and we were his cheerleaders down at the Wellington waterfront. He has been running for 64 days straight, completing 2300kms from Cape Reinga! Crazy dude. But equally awesome. Check him out

Fresh fruit day – grapes, nectarines, peaches and apricots – yum

Thursday & Friday
I have no idea where I saved these darn photos….but I swear there was one! Hopefully once my brain is back from it’s wee holiday I will locate them and post them up


I have a little bit of a crush. Ok, a lot of crush. And it’s not on one person – it’s on two…and the magic that they create together.

Before you start imaginging weird and wonderful things, let me introduce to you the incredibly talented Coralee & Alex. Coralee and I went to high school together – way back when (and it really is WAY back). Through the joys of facebook, I have been able to stalk them slightly and look at their photos.

Oh but these aren’t just any photos. Coralee & Alex have their own business taking photos of engagements, weddings, pregnant bellies, kiddies and families. They are incredibly talented and have such an eye for their shots – it makes me wish I could take photos as well as they do (one day!). The colours, the locations, the poses, the intimacy – the things they manage to capture on film are just gorgeous.

They recently posted photos of an engagement shoot with a lovely couple, kites and icecreams – the photos are just so beautiful I keep going back to see them again and again and again.

Go and check them out, and browse through their albums.

One day I hope to be giving these two amazing people a wee phonecall to come and shoot my engagement, wedding, preggy belly and family. In the meantime, I am gonna keep on crushing on them 😉

p.s. I am also crushing on Rachael’s website (one half of the gorgeous engagement shoot). LOVE ❤

It feels like I am in a constant search for the perfect handbag. I am always buying bags – and then barely using them, because something just isn’t right. It’s not that I spend hundreds on my handbags – but I still haven’t quite found the right one.

When I left my last job, I was given a beautiful Olga Berg handbag. It was so gorgeous I wanted to stroke it. Unfortunately our relationship ended in tears. One of the screws that kept the handle on was missing a cap and it shredded many of my beautiful tops before I noticed that the handbag was the culprit. The leather cracked and split and despite minimal use – it lasted only 6 months as a “going out” handbag. Sorry Olga Berg – that wasn’t worth the $200.

So I moved on to a practical handbag – a large laptop handbag from Nood. Sure it houses my laptop comfortably in a padded section in the middle – but its just a bit awkward and clunky. I can’t quite get it over my shoulder, and if my laptop is in there it is too heavy to do that too. Most of the time I end up carrying my laptop seperately anyway…

Now I am on the search for a new handbag. One that stands up to the pressures of carrying my weekday items (iPhone, makeup, iPod, hairbrush, digi camera, lunch, notebook, sunnies, keys, medications…and various other goodies that seem to lose themselves in there). I would also like something that allows me to carry my dSLR camera around with me – because I love snapping pics when I can and I want to do it more.

I started browing photographers handbags – and came across a few to choose from!

Enter…uber bag lust…

1) b-hobo bag in heather grey by Kelly Moore

2) Kelly Moore Classic in Rich Fuschia (ok, anything from Kelly Moore would be divine!)

3) the Lola in black by Epiphanie

How cool are those? You can fit your camera, lenses, flashes all in padded cells – all while carrying a super stylish handbag (which I am sure would fit the rest of my bits & bobs in). Now I just need to hint REALLY bad, or save REALLY hard. Somehow I think it’s going to be the latter!

Ahh, bag lust.

Day 16 calls for a photo of myself – but I think I would rather share some photos of my wonderful other half and I together.

At Otaki Beach

The short story goes like this: We met in a bar in Auckland, became inseperable, and tried to ignore the fact that he was moving back to Wellington. He moved. It was supposed to be the end. It wasn’t. We did the part-time/ long distance thing. I moved to Wellington 6 months after we met. We had a year of “getting used to being full time bf/gf in the same city” and moved in together at the beginning of 2010. We are planning on travelling together next year. Awww ❤

And cue the slideshow of pics…

At a Halloween Party

You can't beat a trumpet

Dancing at a winery concert

On the back of Jase's dirtbike

Walking at Butterfly Creek

Enjoying a summer work bbq

At a friends wedding

Yay! I was stoked to check the winners page of Shimelle’s blog this morning and to see I had won a prize!

I had such a fabulous weekend of scrapping (not to mention getting a whopping 10 LO’s done), I thoroughly enjoyed all the challenges which pushed me outside my comfort zone. The photo challenges were ‘a bit on the side’ for me – I simply carried my camera around all weekend and snapped a few pics. I felt like a winner for what I had achieved in itself from the weekend.

So I was over the moon to see that Shimelle had chosen my ‘I Saw The Sign’ photo entry as the winner. This wonderful Keep Calm print is winging its way to me and I can’t wait to get it up on the wall.

Make sure you head over to Shimelle’s blog and check out the other winning LO’s and photos. There is some amazing talent and inspiration there.

Happy Friday!


Here are the pics that I entered into the Shimelle online crop photo challenges:

Get Close:


Through the Glass:

I saw the sign:

Night Light:

Up Above:


Below the Knee:


Study Session:

Zoom Out:

And I used one of my pics in the posts below as my Craft in Progress shot. I couldn’t bear to take a photo of the true mess I had made!

🙂 L

So over at Shimelle, there is a summer online crop going on – full of hourly scrap and photo challenges. Because it’s winter and raining here, and I am having a girly weekend, I spread out my stash and got into it this morning. (Those guys in the Northern Hemi have been scrapping while I have been sleeping, so I am playing catch up!).

In this post I am going to add my layouts from the scrap challenges, and I will post another for the photo challenges.

This is what my lounge looked like when I started…you don’t even wanna know what kind of state it’s in now!

Challenge number one was to scrap a page using red, aqua and white. It was a bit hard to get into the creative swing of things, but once I got going, I was away. Here is the layout I created – “you can’t beat Wellington on a good day”:

The second challenge, which I found much harder, was to scrapbook using a sketch provided. I’m not much of a person for a sketch, I tend to freestyle it depending on what embellishments I want to include, or how I feel the photos work best. So even though I had the perfect picture to use – the simplicity of this sketch was tough! Here is my layout, it’s of a fluke photo we captured (yay autotimer) when we visited a remote beach village of Koitiata. I love how the sunset is bursting out of our clasped hands.

The third challenge involves printing out an alphabet – so will have to wait until I get access to a printer at work on Monday.

The fourth challenge was to scrap with circles. My first reaction was “oh guts, I don’t have anything with circles on it” – but then I started sorting through my stash of papers. Ha! Turns out I had more than 10 sheets with dots or circles on them! Amazing what you find. I decided to do a double page (I was really getting into it now, someone hold me back!) about a concert that Jase and I went to last summer. The best thing? Being able to FINALLY use these awesome Creative Imaginations Rock Star stickers – which Jase gave me for my birthday a whopping TWO years ago. Yay! Stash busting at its best.

Challenge number five was to scrapbook with a black and white photo. I didn’t want to leave the house to print off a new black & white shot, so I scrounged around and found this pic from our walk to Red Rocks. It’s black and white, but the rocks are red – it was the closest I had!

The final challenge for day one was to scrap a page with more than four patterned papers. Well – I felt like this challenge threw me into real chaos! However I think I finally managed to pop a variety of patterns together in a way that doesn’t clash…well, nottoo bad I hope?! The story behind ‘Breaking the Rules’ is my mum’s joke – she always told me that I was to “never come home with a tattoo, never come home pregnant, and to never come home on the back of a motorbike”. Strangely enough, I listened…until last June when I hopped on the back of Jase’s dirtbike and took a ride down Waitarere Beach! I think at this age mum might just let me off?!

Ok, that’s it for tonight. I have a mighty sore back from sitting on the floor all afternoon – and somehow its 11.25pm! Bed time, and more layouts to come tomorrow hopefully!


Back in May I took a photography course at the Wellington Community Education Centre to learn how to use the manual functions on my Canon Eos 1000D. Totally worth doing, and hopefully the things I learnt will only improve my photography the more I play around with my camera.

One saturday all my classmates met down at the Wellington waterfront where we had a bunch of photos to take for an assignment. This was my favourite shot of the day:

I shot this looking down between some chains under the wharf. I love how the light managed to catch the fish swimming around down there, and the barnacles attached to the wharf poles. Needless to say, this was a bit of a fluke shot!

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