Today’s post comes from a guest blogger – none other than Jase himself! I asked him “what makes me different to everyone else” and this was his reply:

Leah is different because she makes “Every day seem like a Saturday”. She will see the good side of anything and is always willing to give something a go (even if half the time she isn’t that good at it, or is even unable to do something). Leah has a passion for life and getting out and living it.

Most importantly the main aspect that is special about her is the excitement and passion she brings into our relationship, and for experiencing all our current location has to offer. Even though I have lived in Wellington for 24 years, it is only since Leah has been down here that I have truly experienced everything that is special about the city I call home.

The 18 months we have been living in Wellington has felt more like a “working holiday” than simply working and going through the daily grind, and if someone can bring that into your life – then you know they truly are special! 

Leah can also be a right pain in the A** and a stubborn little madam when she wants to be, but that just adds to overall melting pot that is Leah!

Leah trying to be a tramper, even though she whinged quite a bit of the way & 'doesn't like hills'!