Last night I sat down and scrapped my final two pages to complete my 2010 Learn Something New Every Day album. I am so proud that I have been able to complete this project over such a busy month (study, housesitting, exams, work, exercising etc) – but in actual fact I didn’t find it the chore I thought I would.

I was disciplined about writing my notes about what I had learnt every day (getting a cool wee notebook to carry in my handbag helped this), and then I made sure I either chose pics that I had taken of current or past events, or quickly snapped things from every day life to fit with that lesson. I got them printed at a pharmacy that I pass on the way home – and sure, it wasn’t the cheapest at 89c a print – but it was easy, convenient, and I could do it a few at a time.

When I did sit down to scrap (usually one night in the weekend) I would do a bunch of pages together. By choosing a 6×6 album, and precutting the papers – all I needed to do was select a background paper, stick down the photo and add a few embellishments. Super easy. I could crank out a page in less than 20mins.

I have also enjoyed using tags and journalling more – something that the LSNED makes you do. I am not much of a journaller usually but this project has made me document my days – and I have really enjoyed putting the stories down on paper. Something I need to make a concious effort to do more of.

So – after all that explanation – here are the final two pages in my album:

Journalling reads: Today I learnt how much of a mess I really do make when on a scrapping frenzy. Stuff goes EVERYWHERE! Fun. 27th Sept.

Journalling reads: Today I learnt that getting out and exploring is so much fun! Especially on sunny days. 30 Sept. Somes Island.

And here is the finished album!