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In Mish’s video post this week she discussed motivation – and how we shouldn’t NEED it – because then we can turn around and say “I’m just not motivated” and suddenly – that’s an excuse for not working out.

I love Mish’s top tips, and I thought I would share them with you.

  • ditch the “I need motivation”
  • remember that consistency is the key
  • strengthen your willpower muscle by saying NO regularly ie. No thanks, I don’t want that glass of wine
  • adopt the 10min rule – just say “do 10mins, and then if you REALLY don’t feel like it, you can stop”
  • JFDI! Take the emotion out of your workouts

Funnily enough, I had been busy thinking about various motivators, and I was going to post about just that – all the things that are motivating me right now. However I watched Mish’s video and have been trying to come up with a different term than ‘motivation’…so…let’s go with “things that drive me to move more and eat less”…

This week it’s these things:


I was so lucky to meet up with my bestie Natalie last week, as she was home from London for a visit. While we were out at lunch, she popped the question (I know, so romantic, over a glass of wine – hehe, anyone would think it was ME getting married, that’s how excited I am). I feel so honored to be part of and share their special day. 

Natalie and I

Of course, there will be photos. And dresses. And people looking at us. And I do NOT want to look like a heffer squeezed into a dress. So…this has become another huge motivator for me – I wanna be a hot slim bridesmaid!

2) Hellllllllllooooo Harry! I have mentioned Harry, my new Heart Rate monitor before – but I am in love. Seriously. Head over heels. I can’t wait to strap him on to my chest (right under the boobies, he loves it there) and glance lovingly down at his little numbers on my wrist… Harry is the number 2 reason I am moving more and eating less.

3) Almost every hour today I have needed to pee. Seriously, I am like a yo-yo – up and down and up and down to the bathroom and back. And this is the culprit.

When buying Harry in the weekend, the lovely young sales man must have seen me gazing longingly at the hot pink drink bottles behind the counter. Maybe I drooled a bit, I don’t know…but when he offered to throw it in for free, I nearly jumped for joy. I had been looking for a new drink bottle, one that MADE me want to guzzle water non stop. After reading Kez’s post about drinking more water, I had been trying my best to get some clear goodness as much as possible. Today, I have already filled my awesome hot pink bottle up 4 times! FOUR! That’s 2 litres of water right there….

…no wonder I have been a piddle pants all day. Gotta be good for ya!

4) Looking good in a new dress.

It has been so long since I purchased any clothes (saving for the OE and not fitting anything properly is a bit of a downer in the shopping department) – but while I was away on holiday last week I came across an Annah S. store. I kind of wandered around while the others tried things on, thinking “I don’t have money for any of this, and none of it will fit anyway”.

Right when we were about to leave I spotted the Tiger Dress on the sale rack, and thought…hell, no one is looking, I may as well give it a whirl. I came out of the changing room and all I heard was “OH MY GOD YOU HAVE TO BUY IT”. I admit, I thought it was AMAZING. I loved it. It would be ~perfect~ for the upcoming wedding we are going to in Rarotonga.

It's super cute - right?


I couldnt do it up. No matter how much I breathed in and squeezed, and the shop assistant heaved – that zipper wasnt going to do up. I was so so close.

I sadly put it back on the rack and left.

The next morning I was still thinking about the dress, and how gorgeous it was (and how it was reduced from $290…total bargain!)…and so Jase came back to the shop with me to give his opinion. He told me to buy it. He said “you will fit into that in no time, you just have to lose a couple more kilos and that zip will slide up”.

So I bought it. It’s the most crazy insane thing – I have never ever bought something I DONT FIT that has cost that much money before. But…it’s a massive motivation for me! I MUST FIT THIS DRESS by the end of April.

I know - SO close!

See what a teeny tiny way I have to go?!

Oh…and while I was at it, I happened to find the Tortoise Dress, and spurred on by Jase’s raised eyebrows, dropped jaw, and stuttering – I thought, what the hell, let’s be reckless…and I put that on the credit card too. Well…it was down from $260…it would be a waste not to…right?!


So there we have it. My current motivators…ahem…sorry Mish…my current “things that are making me move more, and eat less”.

What are yours?


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