As I have mentioned before, I have been on a weight loss plateau for weeks. It was so hard not to be demotivated about it, to not think “it just isn’t working, I may as well give up”. But I forced myself to stick with it.

So I ate well, tracked my points, exercised like a fiend. I had a terrible WI in last week, and hit an all-time high of 76.2kgs. How? I honestly do not know.

This week, I took it slightly easier. I still tracked all my food, I still exercised when I could, I did my PT sessions…and finally the scales had mercy on me. This morning, I weighed in at 74.0kgs. That’s a MASSIVE loss of 2.2kgs since I stood on the scales at WW last week! Finally, after five long weeks of 200g down, 200 up nonsense, my body has responded with a big number.

Losing 2.2kgs is definitely not a reason to take the foot off the gas and relax –no way, I am using it as encouragement to kick it up even more!