Jane and I got together today and completed the week 1 Fitness Test.

This required us to run a 1km route and time it, do a pushup test (how many you can complete in 1minute), an abdominal strength test (what level of sit ups we could get to), a wall sit, and a sit and reach flexibility test.

My results were:

1km Time Trial: completed in 5minutes 35seconds
Pushup Test: completed 44 full pushups on my toes
Abdominal Strength Test: reached stage 5
Wall Sit: completed 2minutes 05seconds
Flexibility Sit & Reach Test: +15cm beyond my toes

YAY! This puts me clearly in the advanced category (which I thought I would be anyway). For this 12wbt I will be following the Advanced Lean and Fit programme (with the hope to sign up for Round 2 and do the Advanced Lean & Strong programme).

Bring it on!