On Sunday – I am going to complete one of my goals.

I am going to RUN the entire Round the Bays.

Some people can get up and run 10k in the morning before they come to work and think nothing of it. I am not one of those people – running doesnt come naturally to me, and it has been a struggle to work my way up to this point. BUT, with the help of my Nike+, I am able to run (albiet rather slowly) an easy 5k without too much pain, huffing and puffing and huge embarrassment!

Sunday’s race is 7km – which will be the longest distance I have ever run – but I know I can do it. I feel good about it, I have practiced parts of the route at various times and all I expect of myself is to KEEP RUNNING the whole time.  I don’t care if it takes me a whole hour to get there, but I will do it.

Watch out for me – number 174!

Jase will be on hand to take photographic evidence – so stay tuned for that on Monday!

Next goal? Running the 10km Round the Vines in Martinborough on 20 March with 5 other Shrinking Violets!