In EXACTLY 12 weeks time, I will no longer be living in Wellington. I will no longer be living in New Zealand.

In 12 weeks time, I will be standing somewhere in Vancouver (yep, CANADA) and I will be weighing 65kgs. That’s right. SIXTY FIVE kilograms.

I had a terrible weigh-in today. I had gained 700g to be 76.2kg. When I signed up to Weight Watchers in November I was 75.9kgs. How the HELL did I end up 300g heavier than I was when I was at rock bottom? Since that date all I have put in is effort, effort and more effort!

I want to analyse that weight gain, I want to create reasons and excuses and say things like “it must be because I weighed in at lunchtime, normally I weigh in at 8am with nothing in my stomach” or “I had drunk a litre of water, thats a whole kilo right there” – but you know what? There are no excuses. I need to accept that horrible number and move on.

Coz from here on in, that number is only going down.

I have SO many tools to help me right now, that failure is not an option.

  • I track all my food online
  • I am seeing my new personal trainer once or twice a week
  • I made healthy and filling breakfast meals, lunches and dinners and froze them (think I will change it up for next week and add more fresh salads into the mix, while the quinoa is yummy as, I miss the variety)
  • I have signed up to Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation. This kicks off on Monday and is going to be guiding me through the next 12 weeks – to my goal of 65kgs

So dear blog readers, I hope you will follow me on my journey. This blog is about to get overtaken by my weight loss story and updates.