Yesterday I met my new trainer, Emma, for a weigh in and goals chat. She took one quick look at my training log and said what I have long known – it’s not for lack of exercise that I am struggling to lose weight!

So if I am not sitting around on my bum, then it must be something going on with food. I described the type of thing I am currently eating – soups, low fat risottos, stirfies, lots of fruit, rice crackers etc. And guess what her response was? Ok, well that’s good that you are eating healthy meals – but I want you to make it EVEN HEALTHIER. 

For the next eight weeks, I pretty much need to cut right back to a clean, fresh, simple diet. Only fresh fruit and veges, salads, fresh meats, fish, eggs etc. I can allow a bit of rice or quinoa – but nothing to come out of a can, or packet. Not even canned tuna.

Jeepers. It sounds like a hell of a lot of work, and planning, and monitoring – but I figure it will be worth it. There is no point having this amazing opportunity to transform my body to the way I want it to be, and then throwing it away because I want to sit around eating chocolate, and pastas, and chips and lollies is there?!

I figure each night I can cook a fresh chicken breast, a cup of quinoa, and throw in some streamed veges and portion it up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacks can be fresh fruit, rice crackers (I am allowed these, but only if I bulk them up with tomato etc), carrot & celery sticks, broccoli stalks. The key is to stick to low HI foods (low human intervention).

I know this is going to be hard, but I am damn determined.

She also suggested I consider having a colonic. Funnily enough, I had been discussing this with a few people on twitter just the day before, and while I am not yet convinced, I am definitely curious to find out more. Let’s put it on the maybe list.

As next week is a holiday week for both Emma and I (luckily) I am doubling up and doing two training sessions in the first week. This is going to hurt!

Stay tuned…