Last week I recieved an email from a trainer at Les Mills that had taken me on various exercise programmes over the last couple of years. She was giving away 12 x 45min personal training sessions to someone who is “struggling with weight loss and fitness, and has the desire to work hard for me, but more importantly, for themselves!”

So I fired off a quick email, talking about my goals, where I am at with training, and how much I plan to stick to the programme. This is my entry:

I would LOVE to win your Gift of Fitness.
Despite ALL my good intentions and sweaty sessions last year, I still put ON 7kg. This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life and I hate it. I have written about my struggle with stress related weight gain on my blog here – it seems that no matter what I do, weight goes on.
I feel that I work damn hard in the gym, but I am struggling to shift the weight. I currently go to the gym 4 or 5 times a week (doing attack, step and pump classes), am training to run the 7km round the bays, and have signed up for the dragon boating team – but my weight is staying the same. I am a weight watchers member and track my food rigourously and go for weekly weigh in’s so I know I have the committment! I would stick to the programme 100%!!
2011 is my year of being free – free of the stress, and free of the weight. I have already started making some serious changes like giving up coffee completely, and trying to de-gluten-ify my diet as much as possible – and now I feel I need someone to help me shake it up workout wise to really get these kilo’s melting away. My goal is to lose 10kg by April 20th – that day is my last day at work (I have resigned to go off on my OE – and reduce the stress even more) and I have a week in Rarotonga booked. My dream is to be able to wear a bikini on the beach and feel good about myself!
Please help me with my quest for 2011! I would love to blog/ tweet/ facebook about the whole experience too!
All the best,
Leah 🙂

I hoped it was enough and hit send. I was so excited about the opportunity that I didn’t stop talking about it the whole way home. And the next day, Jason decided that he would also email the trainer, nominating me and reinforcing my entry. Now, I didn’t know what he was going to write or say about me – but when he did BCC me in, I was nearly in tears reading it. It was quite eye opening reading how he has seen me stuggle, and how he feels for me and the efforts I make. This is what he wrote:


Good Morning,  

My name is Jason and I would like to nominate my lovely girlfriend Leah Evans for your Gift of Fitness Competition.

When I first met Leah she was a lot smaller than what she is now, and although her weight gain makes no difference at all to the way I feel towards her, I have seen the effect that her weight gain has had on her appearance, her confidence, but most importantly I have seen her self esteem plummet. I have watched her do Look Better Naked, Look Even Better Naked, various other gym programes, weight watchers and visit various naturopaths and doctors and in our room at the moment are various books such as “Eat right for your blood type”, “I can make you thin” and “Get fit for life” to name a few – I must say that she has read and taken in everything that the books have to say.

 Quite possibly the most heartbreaking aspect I have noticed is how hard and how determined she is at the gym, she consistently goes to the gym 4-5 times a week and I’m not talking about just sitting on a bike or socialising (Like I tend to do most of the time), I’m talking either Pump, step, attack or RPM classes or running on a treadmill training for the 7km round the bays run. I also notice the incredible attention to detail in selecting the food that she eats, when she eats, what she eats and how she eats it to ensure that she is not putting on weight.

But the weight still keeps coming on and not going away and it has been like this for a couple of years now.

2009 and 2010 were nightmare years for Leah, 2009 was the 1st year she had lived in wellington and I was sitting my PCE 2 exams (which are proberly even more stressfull for the partners than the people doing it) and in 2010 it got even worse with her Granny passing away in an absolutely horrible and inhumane fashion, she had to sit APR, and had to deal with her work getting on top of and treading all over her. Through sheer determination she got through it all and after various blood tests and doctors visits she realised that the weight gain was stress related and to do with her very high cortisol levels and how her body reacts to it. SO no matter hard she tried, due to events beyond her control, her body just would not respond to all the fitness and nutrition efforts she was putting in.

But all that is over and behind her now, and she has our incredible OE coming up and 3 holidays between now and April to look forward to, the stress of the last 2 years is behind her and I KNOW that she is ready to take on 2011 with even more guts and determination than ever before – that is why I believe she is the best candidate for your wonderful prize, she is ready to train harder, eat even better and do whatever it takes to get herself back into shape for all our holidays and OE coming up.

Whatever you ask of her she will do and more, she blogs about her weight loss progression, she has started a “Shrinking Tweets” group on Facebook and is determined to ANYTHING she can to get back into shape.

As you proberly know yourself the Number 1 problem most people have is their attitude to weight loss, I don’t think you are going to find anyone else that has the attitude that Leah has, she doesn’t fit her training and nutrition around her life, she fits her life around her training. Together with my support and encouragement I know that she can reach her weight loss goals, I also think that you will find it most rewarding and enjoyable in being a part of and watching her transform her body back to way she was.

I thank you for your time and wish you good luck with your Gift of Fitness Competition.

Kind Regards


Aren’t I just the luckiest girl in the world?!

The best part about it was the email I just recieved – saying that I had WON!

The trainer said that the email I had sent her, followed up by the one from Jase, had her from the start. I cannot WAIT to get started – and will keep you all updated with the training sessions and how I am going. I want to completely maximise this amazing opportunity and get the very best results from it. BRING IT ON!

2011 just got SO much better!