You might remember a while back I posted about my Borne Naked liner and how I thought it might just change my life. Well – it really has!

The Borne Naked liners claim to be the solution to every handbag, and they actually are. I carried this beauty all around New York and discovered an added bonus. If everything is inside the liner, you can easily zip it up – and voila – instantly pick pocket proof! Not that I ever had any problems with pick pockets while I was there, but it pays to be careful. If anyone was to accidentally bump me (and slip their hand inside my bag) – they would end up with a whole lot of nothing. Awesome.

I also used it as my “clear bag” for carry on items on the long flight. While they are technically “not oficially approved” as clear bags, no one stopped me from simply whipping it out of my handbag and placing it through the scanning machine. Super handy.

I actually don’t know what I would do without mine…all my essentials are kept tidily and easily at reach within my handbag. But – the best news is yet to come!

The lovely people at Borne Naked have given me a couple more liners to gift away to those who are also in handbag need! EXCITING!

All you need to do to win* a Borne Naked Liner is leave a comment on this blog post telling me why your handbag/ gym bag/ baby bag is a complete nightmare by FRIDAY 17 December. I will randomly pick two winners and send them a Borne Naked Liner!

I hope you love the liners as much as I do! If you don’t win one, never fear – check out where you can buy them here.


*for postage reasons, entrants must be in New Zealand sorry!