I just LOVED how Christmassy New York was – the holiday spirit was alive and well. While I was there I noticed that it was “cool” to wear a sweater with a reindeer on it, or a scarf with a snowman – and you know what, I really liked it! Here in New Zealand we are just a bit blase about it all – a few decorations thrown at a tree and that’s us, done. But in the states EVERYTHING is Christmas themed. Every door has a wreath, every corner/ building/ doorway has a tree, every shop is blasting Chrissy music. I loved it all and just wanted to absorb as much as possible!

Trees for sale on every corner


Giant Christmas Lights


Roasted chestnuts smelt amazing on every corner


Giant Christmas baubles


At Rockerfeller Centre


Even Sushi can be Christmassy


Crazy Christmas Shopping Crowds on 5th Avenue


Mina & I with the Rockerfeller tree at night


Just a few shoppers at Macy's


Believe in the Christmas Spirit


Waiting to see the REAL Santa at Macy's


Marching Band


Marching Band


Marching Band


Hark the Herald Angels Sing


I Love New York!