(yes, I did actually say that – out loud – in the presence of males with dirty minds. Needless to say, I got my big finger!).

With my big finger at Madison Square Garden

I headed along to the New York Rangers vs Islanders (big rivals!) game at Madison Square Garden while I was in New York. I managed to grab a ticket off a scalper, and was seated up in the gods, while my colleagues were down in the $250 seats right near the ice. They ended up having a spare seat next to them, so I slipped past the security guards and enjoyed the game from rink-side!

Go Rangers!

Things were getting a bit blurry by the end!

Let’s Go RANGERS! Was stoked that they won, although a bit disappointed that there was only one decent punch up 😉 I love Ice Hockey & can’t wait to watch more games!

Thanks Kent, Nick, Rej & Danny for taking me to my first big game….and giving me a big finger 😉

Let's Go Rangers!