Today I am wearing, surprise surprise…Icebreaker.

What might actually surprise you, is that I am wearing an Icebreaker DRESS. Yeah – we don’t just make wooly jumpers anymore, there is a bit of style going on! In fact, this season we have three new dress styles out, including a cute wrap dress and a beachy dress.

But this isn’t meant to be an ad for Icebreaker here!

So – I have this dress on:

I have teamed it with a gold, black and silver woven belt, a bright red long cardi from Max, some gold beads, and some super cute pale tan wedges (also from Max). Did you know that wearing light coloured shoes make you look taller? Yep…that’s why they are kicked off under the desk and I spend most of the day barefoot. #tryingtobetall #Fail.