Well hello there 30 days of interpretations…and what a way to kick it off. Why not make it a hard one why don’t you?

How do I view myself?

I guess firstly I think of the things that define me, you know, the stuff. Like that I work in PR, I enjoy scrapbooking, NZ music, taking photos and travelling (although I like to call it exploring – because I love exploring new places within my own country just as much as overseas).  I am a bit of a nana because I like my nights at home, I like watching trashy TV, I like going to the gym and getting a sweat on…

But then if I think a bit deeper (and harder), my own personality traits come up…

I am caring and generous, I am a good friend and listener. I can be crabby and can’t take criticism – I retreat into my shell. I can be extroverted and the life of the party one minute, and the next I just want to be on my own. Sometimes I am shy and anxious, and the next I can be over confident. I doubt my own ability. I am a homemaker and my surroundings are important to me. I love, and have a large heart. I put up a wall and show a hard shell to protect myself from getting hurt. I need love and I crave security. I can have the determination of steel when I put my mind to something, however can easily talk myself out of things. I am optimistic and find negativity hard to deal with. I laugh. I am always trying to prepare for the future – whatever that is. I dream. I am organised and an organiser. I am sensitive (sometimes overly) but can be empathetic. I need lots of attention. I am loyal. I am creative.

I am me.

When I read all of things – I really am a typical cancerian (yes, I do buy in to the star sign thing – I know a lot of people don’t, but I do!).