A few of us gals were chatting about our blogs and “what’s next now that #30daysofme is over and done with?” earlier today, and Jane suggested we pick up on Alice’s 30 days of interpretation. Yay for more blog prompts!

So – starting Wednesday, I am going to blog about the following topics:

  1. How do you view yourself?
  2. How do you think other people view you?
  3. Your clothing today
  4. Your views on tattoos and/or piercings
  5. What are you looking forward to the most in your future?
  6. Your favourite hot drink
  7. Your earliest childhood memory
  8. A detailed account of your day (or yesterday for blogging earlybirds)
  9. The last film you saw at a cinema
  10. The place that makes you feel safest
  11. Your favourite toy/hobby/sport/etc. as a child
  12. A typical Saturday night in your life
  13. Your favourite quote or word
  14. Your favourite character from a TV show
  15. Your celebrity crush
  16. The biggest fear you had as a child
  17. Yourself in 10 years
  18. What you wore to high school
  19. Your favourite way to travel
  20. Your favourite season
  21. Your regular order at a café or restaurant
  22. The worst thing about your hometown
  23. The best party you have been to or hosted
  24. Your favourite book or poem
  25. Something that makes you angry or upset
  26. The best date of your life
  27. Your favourite scene from a film
  28. Your favourite room of your house
  29. Yourself at age 75
  30. A summary of yourself

You can follow this on twitter – #30interpretation. Who else is joining in?