Monday: 55min step class

Tuesday: 30min express pump class – should have been 45mins, but the instructor was late & I had to leave early as I had a meeting (which I went to in my gym gear, and no one blinked an eye – gotta love Icebreaker!)

Wednesday: 45min Shape up for Summer Team Training workout of the week  – mainly leg work & an awful thing called the ‘Gut buster’

Thursday: 45min RPM

Friday: Day off to rest & recover

Saturday: 3.6k run. Was planning on it being longer but when I hit the corner of the bays & nearly got knocked over by the wind, I figured it was time to head back

Sunday: Nada.

Weightloss to date: 1.2kg. COME ON metabolism!

p.s. I am also getting sick of eating carrots. Carrots, carrots and more f*n carrots!