Inspired by a few of the #30daysofme ladies (thanks @GreerMcDonald for starting it) who have been posting what is in their fridge, I decided to take a quick snap. We only went to the supermarket last night so there are lots of fresh goodies in there.

I do share the fridge with two other flatmates, so we each get a shelf. Jase and I have the top one because we generally have the most stuff (and there are two of us) and we use one of the crisper draws.

On our shelf today is:

  • 2 bottles of sweet thai chilli sauce
  • Ceres Organics LSA
  • 2 x Steinlager Pure’s
  • 2 x tubs of Slimmers Choice natural yoghurt
  • Eggs
  • pre-cut celery sticks
  • Watties tomato sauce
  • Meadowlea lite margarine
  • Tortillas
  • Delmaine Angel Hair pasta
  • Tegel Chilli & Lime chicken tenders
  • Ceres Organics hulled tahini
  • Leggo’s Pizza Sauce
  • Chicken & Herb tortellini
  • Tararua cream cheese
  • Lisa’s Original Hummus
  • Greek yoghurt & cucumber dip
  • Essential Cuisine Basil Pesto & Roasted Red Pepper Pesto
  • Sliced leg ham
  • Crunchy bean combo mix
  • Frescarini Pomodoro pasta sauce
  • Fresh & Fruity yoghurt
  • My pro-biotics

In our side of the crisper we have:

  • A bag of carrots
  • Mesculun salad leaves
  • button mushrooms
  • Green & Red capsicums
  • Cucumber
  • Packet of coriander
  • Bunch of asparagus

And the door, where the rest of the goodies that are ours includes:

  • bottle of water
  • bottle of wine (maybe not for much longer!)
  • More tomato sauce
  • Assorted dressings, mayo, lemon & lime juice, laksa paste, maype syrup, capers
  • Vanilla essence, chilli paste, garlic
  • Grated Mozzarella, Haloumi, & Edam cheese
  • Elderflower cordial


Now I just gotta decide what’s for dinner tonight!

What’s in your fridge?