Just realised I never posted this on Monday! Oops!

Monday: 55min step class

Tuesday: 45min express pump class (first day of Superpump)

Wednesday: 45min Shape up for Summer Team Training workout of the week  – awesome! Love training with other girls.

Thursday: Injured & exhausted = burnout 😦 Did too much on the superpump & overstretched my biceps. Could barely move my arms!

Friday: 1 hour hill walk up Mt Victoria

Saturday: Nothing

Sunday: 2 hour walk around Somes Island

Weightloss to date: 1kg still – I seem to have plateaud this week. That’s ok, gonna keep on keeping on.

And a shoutout to the other girls who are posting their weekly workouts, and to those who have joined me with Nike+! Amanda, Jane and Kristyn – let’s go girls! Anyone else want to join us?