I saw the #30daysofme tweets going around and decided to get on the bandwagon – mainly because I was new to blogging & thought a daily challenge could be a cool idea. I also liked the idea of joining a community and possibly meeting some cool new people – which I have done!

One extra side effect is that I have found journalling on my scrap pages easier (I am not much of a journaller and its something I want to get better at) – so daily blogging has been great for me creatively.

Probably the best thing that came out of the #30daysofme was being able to write about losing my Granny – something that has deeply affected me this year. I found that experience (while tough) very therapeutic.

While some of the topics have been a bit teenage for me, others of them have made me think long and hard and appreciate what I do have in my life. Great friends, a wonderful family, and a loving partner πŸ™‚

I am now wondering what I will do at the end of #30daysofme…anyone have any other blogging prompts they are planning to follow? I might lo0k at a photography one to challenge my camera skills!