I have spent the weekend thinking about the #30daysofme question – What do I think about my friends?

To be honest – apart from my wonderful workmates, I don’t actually have many close friends left in New Zealand! I seem to be of the age when everyone migrates elsewhere on their big OE…and lil ol me has somehow been left behind. I guess a few years ago I made the decision (not sure if it was conciously or not) to stay in NZ and do the career thing, which then turned into the ‘follow the boy’ thing, which has resulted in the even better career + boy combo that I have right now. The OE is yet to come!

But back to the friends. The best answer is that they are awesome! All of them have different qualities that I love and admire about them. Most of all I love how time & distance isn’t a factor in our friendships. It doesn’t matter how long its been since we saw each other, or that they might be on the other side of the world – the friendship remains*. And that’s pretty special 🙂

Lucky for me I was sent to Europe for work last year, and managed to wrangle it so that I celebrated my 25th birthday in London with all the friends that were living there (I was only there for 1 day!). Talk about the best catch up with long lost friends – old work colleagues, uni friends, even a past flatmate from Sydney! Let’s just forget about how I missed my flight to Germany the next day…

Birthday drinks with Ra, Bron, Nat and Shan

With Bron & Nat

Ben & I

 *thank god for Facebook!