Big Plans: Jase and I are planning to head off on our overseas adventure sometime next year. No dates confirmed yet, but the savings/planning is definitely underway. We even have some house sitting lined up so we can shift out of our flat & save our rent money. I think that is when it is going to feel real! First stop – Vancouver for a bit (Jase wants to be a hoon on the mountain bike tracks, and both of us want to learn to snowboard), and then on to the UK.

The Mount & Tauranga Harbour

Bigger Plans: When we get back from travelling/ living overseas (we are talking anywhere from 3 – 5 years from now) the plan is to settle in Tauranga. We constantly talk about where in NZ we want to live – and currently Tauranga is winning. It’s an agreeable halfway point between his family in Wellington, and my family in Auckland (so we can ship the children off to their grandparents easily enough!), the climate is a winner (sorry Wellington, but that’s why you lose), it’s not too big (sorry Auckland, the traffic kills me every time I go home), and it’s up and coming with its business environment so both of us are confident we will be able to get good work there. That’s the BIG plan anyway!

Dreams: My dreams mainly fall under travel, career & family – and I hope to make them reality one day. High level overview…

plane in Hong Kong last year

Travel – I want to see so many places in the world, and hope to be able to continue travelling throughout my life. I have been so lucky to have travelled so much already (thanks Dad, great choice to work for an airline!) and hope that I can give my own children that same experience.

Find things you love - Otaki Beach

Career – Now that I am 100% living my 1/4 life crisis, I have been doing a lot of thinking about my career. I have been so focused on what I wanted “to be” (studying, working hard to get to the job I am in now, being a harry hard out and winning awards & then sitting the top professional qualification as soon as I could)…that now that I am there and living it – I am not actually sure its what I want to do or “to be”. So right now I am doing a lot of reading about how to make your career work for you – I know my skills are transferrable (hello, most organised person ever!) and I believe that something will present itself to me. I don’t have the exact idea just yet – but I am just trusting it will come…

White Picket Fence

Family – The obvious really. Blah blah dog blah blah white wedding blah blah little kiddies blah blah white picket fence! But mostly to be happy and healthy and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

And finally – an update on the goals that I stated on Day 8:

1) Exam – TICK. Sat the exam & felt good about it afterwards.

2) Stick to the 30 Days of Me challenge – TICK. I am currently on Day 18 and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

3) Finish my Learn Something New book – TICK. Keeping up to date & only 6 days left to go!

4) Start my new herbal detox – TICK. Have had some pretty awful side effects so far (at least I know it is working – the whole idea of a detox is for the bad stuff to get out) but continuing to add the drops to my water bottle.

5) Get back into my training – TICK – this week I have been to Step, Pump, Yoga & RPM, and I signed up for the shape up for summer challenge. Nutrition back on track – TICK. Salads for lunch all week, logging everything on WW online.

6) Save another $1000 – HALF TICK. Put $500 into the savings this pay.

7) Convince my boss to send me to NYC. MASSIVE TICK!!!  More on this soon 😉

8 ) Start living my life to the full again now that the BIG EXAM is over! TICK TICK TICK – we had date night on Tues with dinner & a play, Wed night I went to Yoga & Dinner with a friend, and Thurs I joined in with a work musical group (more explanation needed I know, but hopefully can share my ‘spoon playing’ with you soon) and went for a glass of wine with other colleagues. Yay!