The lovely Les Mills is offering a 10 week Shape up for Summer challenge, starting this Saturday. The challenge runs until Saturday 4th of December – and for the grand total of $10 (all money to the Heart Children) I get:

  • two weigh-ins (eep)
  • two free RPM (spin) rides
  • a free 45 min consultation to get you on track
  • a weekly motivational email to keep me on track 
  • a food and workout template to track my progress
  • access to a team training work out of the week (which I have signed up for) – to train with others who are on the challenge
  • prizes! spot prizes & an overall prize for the biggest loser & the biggest money raiser for Heart Children

All that for $10 seemed like a great deal so I have signed myself up, completed the first weigh in (sorry, not ready to share this JUST yet) and filled out my planned training diary.

Stay posted for the updates – one a week for the next 10 weeks. I want to shape up for summer! YAY!

Anyone want to join me?  😉

Fine print: you need to sign up by Saturday 25 September at your local Les Mills