Day 13. Unlucky day 13. The day when I get to let it allll out. The day when I write a letter to someone that has hurt me.

I guess this is meant to be recent. But lucky for me, no-one has hurt me bad enough recently for me to want to write to them.

You know what? I sat down and wrote a letter to someone who hurt me pretty bad a few years ago. Someone who was meant to be there for me at my lowest time, and who bailed out on me and 10 years of friendship. Someone who it still hurts to think about.

But I deleted that letter. Writing it just took me back to that bitter, twisted time – and I don’t want to be that person anymore. I learnt from it, and moved on. Sure, I still miss that person – but you know, she cut me out of her life so it’s her loss.

And so what? I’m still a rockstar!!!