For those that have been wondering – the exam went ok. As good as can be expected. I feel ‘ok-bordering-on-good’ about it. The questions in the written part were all ones that I had studied for, and nothing that I hadn’t. My stomach didn’t lurch when I read them – in fact I smiled in relief.

The 3 hours went so fast, and seeing as there were only 5 of us in the room the atmosphere was pretty laid back. We were allowed to listen to our iPods – turned out that the two of us who were listening to music both had Enya going!

Then I had to undertake the Viva Voce – imagine the hardest job interview in front of a panel of 3 senior practitioners. Yikes. I barely had time to get nervous as I was up 15mins after the written exam ended. But I think it went ok. The panel were friendly, they asked some tough and curly questions, but I think I was able to answer most of it. I did witter on a bit in some questions, but tried to keep it short and sharp for the most part.

I came out and felt like a huge weight had lifted off my shoulders! I celebrated by enjoying bubbles with the other candidates; then dinner and dessert out with Jase.

The results don’t come out until 26 October, so until then I am just going to sit back and relax and enjoy having a life that doesn’t involve textbooks!

Goal number 1 – complete 🙂