Day 04. A photo of somewhere you have been.

This one is easy. I spent the month of June swanning around the Greek Islands and one of the coolest places I got to visit was THE church from the Mamma Mia movie. It’s name is Agios Ioannis Kastri, or the Church of St. John. Only accessible by boat, or a bumpy uncomfortable and probably quite dangerous 1 hour scooter ride.

Lucky (oh yes, VERY lucky) for me, my family were on a yacht. I wasn’t kidding when I said swanning – we actually sailed our way around the Sporades Islands (Skiathos, Sporades, Alonissos). Bliss. Ok, enough gloating – on with the photo:

Here is me, on the boat, church in behind:

We climbed all those stairs, humming ‘The Winner Takes It All’ (how Amanda Seyfried did it on the back of a donkey I do not know, because those 202 stairs got pretty steep at times!). This is what the church looked like inside. For those who have seen the movie, you will realise that there is NO way all of those interior wedding scenes were filmed here. They were actually shot back at another church at Skopelos port (yep, we visited there too – totally did the Mamma Mia tour you see 😉 ).

Text says:

It is naturally impossible
for man to accomplish
Look closely at
The imposing site of St. John

Look how the giant rock
is layed out
Where St. John came
to live alone

Surrounded by the sea
waves breaking
while atop
priests meditate

If you come in memory
of St. John
you may think
that paradise is up here

Paradise it really was.