According to #30daysofme, today I am meant to share a habit that I wish I didn’t have with the world.


I asked Jase on our way to work what he thought my bad habits were. “Where do I start?!” was his response…yeah, I agreed. Maybe better if he didn’t – he might never stop.  

I was thinking long and hard about this one, and finally settled on the cleaning one to share. I don’t know if this is something I wish I didn’t have – but maybe it’s something I wish I was more relaxed about.

See, my problem habit is excessive cleaning. Possibly bordering on OCD. I love things clean. I find such satisfaction in cleaning the stovetop, or scrubbing the toilet, or wiping down the bath. Don’t even get me started on the oven. I don’t know if I actually enjoy the process itself, I actually loathe vacuuming, but I have this NEED to have things clean. Like, I can’t let the house get anywhere near to “slightly in a state” before I get this urge to haul out the cleaning products.

If only I cleaned in Hotpants - I am sure Jase wouldn't complain so much!

When I go to the supermarket, I walk down the cleaning products aisle even if I don’t need anything. I just like to look, and smell, and ponder whether I might actually need some new BAM. Or Spray & Wipe. Or Exit Mould. I find it calming, like a small oasis in the noisy busy bustling hell that is the supermarket.

Is it weird that I LOVE cleaning products?

The cleaning thing might be ok if we lived alone – but adds a few problems when you throw a flatting situation into the mix. Thankfully I have had fellow cleaning obsessed flatmates in the past, and we lived together in cleaning harmony. But when you have a flatmate who just doesn’t seem to notice (in my mind, CARE) then things get a bit tough. I am pretty non-confrontational…I won’t just turn around and say “um, would you mind wiping the kitchen bench down when you are finished” like a normal person would do. Instead, I am likely to wipe it myself, and then spend hours resenting the person for having to wipe up their mess. And you can guarantee it will happen the next day. And the next. And on and on it goes in a vicious circle.

The toothbrush has been known to come out on various occasions

I have eczema on my hands which flares up when I am cleaning. I know this is from the products and water reacting with my skin, and could be easily fixed by wearing gloves. I know that, but it doesn’t mean I put gloves on. Must try harder!

Jase reckons the weekends are the worst. Apparently I can’t just sit down on the couch and relax and read a book. I have to be cleaning something. Which then makes him feel guilty for sitting on the couch, and ruins his relaxing weekend. I get that – and I guess that is why I wish my cleaning habit was something that I didn’t do…as much!

Does anyone else share this habit with me? I know I am not alone 😉